Top 30 online news sources for bloggers: Part I

There are thousands of resources from which you can find content for your blog post, but let’s narrow it down to the top 30 most effective online news sources for Nigerian bloggers, and others from around the world who love writing.

Blogging has to do with passion. If your main target of blogging is to make money from Google adsense, then you’re likely to end up copying and pasting news from other hardworking webmasters.

The worst part…

Most of the “copy and paste” blogs or websites in Nigeria unbelievably, most of the time, do even better in Google keywords ranking than the real owner of the stories.

This article is going to reveal some valuable sources from which you can get news stories. A lot of them stare at you in the face, but you have to discover them.


Some of the news sources for journalists include-but not limited to-insiders in government ministries, books, seminars, events etc. But as the web technology keeps expanding, so also sources of news.

Here are the sources from which you can find news for your blog.


30 Sources for finding useful news stories for blog posts

  1. Channels Television News at 10

Channels TV  is unarguably the most respected 24/7 news tv station in Nigeria. The television station has won Best Tv of the year more than any other television station in Nigeria. The station is known for two major journalistic ideals: balance reportage and live interview of authorities  on a particular burning and trending news. In that aspect, no other station does it better than Channels Tv; and that has made the station stands out among tens of hundreds television stations in Nigeria.


This is how to tap from the news authority of Channels television

Watch Channels Tv news at 10. It has become a tradition for the John Momoh’s media channels to bring sound, intellectual person in a particular field to do critical analysis of any trending and burning issues in Nigeria, and across Africa. Channels TV news@10 isn’t just the only aspect of the award winning station from which you can get stories for your websites.


How do I explore Channels Tv as one of my news sources?

You don’t need to copy any news update from its official websites.

This is how to write your own original story from Channels: record the live interview section if you have a tape recorder. You can also use your phone to take down the interview. Replay it, write your own news from another unique angle. There will always be different angles from which news can be written.

In your write-up, don’t forget to give attribution like, “Mr. Youth spoke on Channels TV”, “Mr. Young made this known during an interview monitored on Nigeria’s 24/7 news channels.”

There is no offense in that if you do it the right way.


The secret is:

Channels Tv is a news source to most of Nigerian newspaper organisations, and other tv stations (particularly state-owned). Mention the news and channels will take steps further to dig into it.

There are even more to Channels TV than its news at 10!

Watch channels Sunrise daily, you’d find out that Channels TV is a goldmine for news, and happenings in Nigeria because authorities in various field are brought to analysis issues.


2. Set personal preferences on Google News

 Google news curates breaking news from over 50,000 world-wide sources. It’s not possible for any media house to be everywhere, but you can also be there by following the trends on Google News.

Make google news one of your sources. Do it the right way by acknowledging your source.

What about beginning with ‘suggested post for you?’  This section shows articles based on your searches and interest.


Google News deal…

Google News isn’t exclusively for news, it also a great medium to support any research you intend to do about a particular story.

How to use Google News

Click on Google News

Input any keywords of your interest.

Click on search, and you’ll see google spit out thousands of related topics.

For example, if you searched ‘Jungle justice in Nigeria‘ you would see headlines like:


  • Jungle justice: Motorcycle thief burnt to death in Kebbi
  • Jungle justice: Notorious rapist burnt alive by Lagos mob
  • Lack of trust in security agencies blamed for jungle justice
  • Jungle justice: 3 men paraded naked for stealing motocycle
  • When the mob rule: Jungle justice in Africa
  • Jungle justice: Man burnt to death for stealing 3-month-old baby in Benue
  • Jungle justice: Suspected thief beaten to death for stealing laptop in Lagos.

The results go on and on…


As at the time of compiling this article July 29, 2016, google news has 32, 600 results on Jungle justice in Nigeria.

To stay up to date, you can click on “Create Google News Alert” if you want to get alert about your preferences.


3. Set Up Google Alerts

Don’t miss out on any new stories – set up your own Google Alert  and customise them to different topics.

Google Alerts emails you when news about your keyword(s) gets published. This saves you plenty of research time on the internet; you set the alert, Google will do the rest of the work for you.


 4. Nairaland

Nairaland  is a popular and largest online forum in Nigeria and Africa. Nairaland is known for one thing: democracy on its platform. It gives millions of Nigerians the freedom to post useful information on the web (registered users). Thousands of topics are created by its users everyday ranging from politics to entertainment, breaking news to jobs, health tips to business, and lots more. You can get news ideas from some of the topics created every minute by its users.

Nairaland web democracy has made it popular to the point that a villager who is registered on the platform can post happenings within and around its community.

A lot of breaking news has been reported by non-trained journalists on nairaland. If you want to take a step further, verify the news from other sources before using it on your blog


 5. Yahoo! News

Yahoo News is another great online news source. And you know why? Yahoo News is known for showcasing tens of thousands of articles from other tops sources such as the CNN, EuroNews, Alj, Fox News, and BBC

You can also get twitter updates on Yahoo News.

Part II of Online News Sources for bloggers Coming soon…




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