How to check 2016 May/June WAEC result

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This is how to check your 2016 May/June WAEC result released on August 5, 2016.

Note that two methods are available for candidates to check their result:

  1. WAEC result online checker
  2. WAEC SMS result checker

2016-waec-resultYou can now check the 2016 May/June of the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) on the examinations body’s official website

WAEC released the 2016 May/June results of the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) on Friday in Lagos.


How to check 2016 May/June result using WAEC online checker method

The below information is important for you to check your WAEC result:

  • Examination number
  • Examination year
  • Type of exam
  • Card serial number
  • PIN

Six simple steps on how to check your 2016 WAEC result:

  1. Visit
  2. Type your examination number in the space provided. Your examination number is a 10-digit number. Note: 10-digit WAEC examination number is your 7-digit centre number followed by your 3-digit candidate number e.g. 4563871087
  3. Select your examination year. In this case, you should select 2016 as your examination year
  4. Select MAY/JUNE as your type of examination. WAEC conducts May/June WASSCE, and Nov/Dec WASSCE every year. Since you’re concerned about May/June, then May/June should be your selection
  5. There is a number on the reverse side of your scratch card, that’s the card serial number found on the WAEC scratch card.
  6. In the space where you see PIN that’s your WAEC Personal Identification Number on your scratch card.
  7. Click on submit or check my result button to view your result and wait for some seconds for the results window to come up (and print if you wish to).


WAEC SMS result checker

Alternatively, you can check your 2016 May/June WAEC result on your mobile phone via Short Message Service (SMS). And this is how to check WAEC result using SMS:

NOTE: SMS cost #30 per message on MTN, Glo, and Airtel

You can use the format below to check your WAEC result:

In the message box type WAEC*ExaminationNumber*PIN*ExaminationYear to 32327

For instance

WAEC*4507289697*712386754326*2016 and send to 32327


Don’t put space in the message

Make sure you have at least #30 in your account balance

Don’t terminate the message; allow it to be delivered to your provider via SMS.


WAEC result online support number: 01-9049320


Frequently Asked Questions about WAEC Online result checker


What is a PIN?

The PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. In WAECDIRECT, it is a unique 10-digit or 12-digit number that is required to access the service. The service enables direct access to a candidate’s results via multiple channels. The PIN is found on a valid WAECDIRECT Scratch card and is revealed when cover patch on the reverse side of the card is carefully scratched off.


What is a Scratch card?
A Scratch card is a plastic card with a scratch patch on the reverse side that conceals a required to access the WAECDIRECT service. The Scratch card applicable for the WAECDIRECT service is marked “WAECDIRECT ……Access Card” on the face.


Where can I buy a Scratch card?
A Scratch card may be purchased at the National Office of WAEC and at any of its zonal and branch offices across Nigeria. It is available at any other outlets so designated by WAEC

How many times can I check my results?

You may check your results up to a maximum of 5 (five) times with the use of 1 (one) Scratch card. In order to check further after exhausting the allowed 5 (five) times you will need to purchase another Scratch card which will entitle you to another 5 (five) result checks.


Can I use one Scratch card to check more than one result?
No! You may only use one Scratch card to check one result. To check another result of interest, you will require a new Scratch card. If you misuse a Scratch card by attempting to check another result different from the first one checked, you will be penalised as having used the card, and will be presented with the appropriate error message.


In what other ways can I check my results?
Besides having your results displayed to you on a webpage on the WAECDIRECT website, you may also have your results delivered to an email address of your choice by selecting the appropriate options on the WAECDIRECT homepage. You may also have your results read out to you by calling into any one of our regional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems or have it delivered to your GSM mobile phone via SMS.


What information is available on this service?
The following information is available on the WAECDIRECT service

  • WAEC May/June and Nov/Dec WASSCE results
  • Addresses of Zonal and Branch Offices of WAEC



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    1. Congratulations to them all. And i’m also using this medium to inform all those that wrote the exam that upgrading of result is fraud and a big scam. If anyone tells you that your result could be upgraded it means you’re toeing the path of being defrauded. Stay away from WAEC upgrade

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