Why we are using Dear Applicant in npower reference emails-Npower Technical Staff

(Last Updated On: October 18, 2016)

“We commissioned firetoms because we experienced downtime”

A staff member of Npower has explained why they’re using generic salutation in their reference email sent to applicants since its portal was redesigned.

She stated that npower adopted “dear applicant” in acknowledgment email to applicants because “it’s not a confirmation that they’ve been given appointment.”

She stated this in a telephone interview with our correspondent who sought clarifications about different emails applicant have been receiving from different domain email addresses, particularly firetoms.com.

When asked why the first set of applicants were addressed by their names, she said:

“We later realised that it’s better to address them as dear applicant instead of their names. Those who were addressed by their names and those who’re not should be rest assured that their data are secured.”


In our earlier publication,“Alert! Scam Npower reference number, acknowledgement emails are in circulation,” we alerted npower applicants about different reference emails in circulation being sent by firetoms no_reply@firetoms.com. The report was based on the information we got from one of our followers who was worried about the salutation of the said reference email message she got from “npower:”

“I got my reference number today after four weeks of registration. Thanks for your help and support. But my concern is: they used Dear Applicant instead of my name, is it also from npower?”

One of the support centre agent had told infobase that: “Any email from firetoms is scam, npower isn’t using any other domain email address to sending acknowledgment email or reference number.  Such email is a scam and fraud.”


Infobase take:

The confusion caused by the support centre of npower showed that those who attend to applicants’ complaints and inquiries didn’t know that npower has a consultant. Some of them are in the dark about technical issues. They could only attend to mild complaints. However, they ought to have directed any technical questions to the appropriate unit instead of issuing confusing statements.

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It also showed that npower team was not technically ready for the huge number of applications the employment initiative programme would receive.

Since the circulation of the confusing acknowledgment emails, applicants have started doubting the sincerity of the programme.


About firetoms emails

“Firetoms was commissioned by npower to help lessen the technical loads on our servers. We asked firetoms to come in when we experienced downtime period. The firm sent reference emails on our behalf, but that has since stopped because we’ve overcome the technical challenges we’re experiencing.”

So, what is downtime?

Downtime is a period of time during which a server, network, computer system is unavailable for use, or when the network is shut off due to system breakdown.


Why do systems go through periods of downtime?

System may go through periods of downtime for any of the following reasons:

  • Power or hardware failure
  • System crashes
  • Hacker attacks
  • Software updates
  • Operating system updates
  • System robots
  • Lack of network connectivity

It’d be recalled that npower portal crashed severally when applications opened in June 12, 2016, before it was redesigned days after.

The npower technical staff stated that the portal would soon be accessible for applicants to update or correct their documents.


Here are the questions this article will provide answers to:

  1. How does the email address of firetoms look like?
  2. What is firetoms?
  3. Who is behind firetoms?
  4. Is firetoms a scam?
  5. Example of new Npower acknowledgment email being circulated by firetoms
  6. Sample of first set of npower acknowledgment email or reference number
  7. How to check the email address of a sender
  8. How to detect npower scam email
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How does the email address of firetoms look like?

Npower technical staff said no-reply@firetoms.com has been used to send acknowledgment emails to applicant during its downtime period.


What is firetoms?

Firetoms is an IT consulting, “We are tech company established to provide quality technological solutions in the field of website design, web application development, online business development and Search engine optimization. We have a team of dedicated and talented professionals with experience in diverse discipline. Our ability to understand your needs and come up with the best possible solution is responsible for our reputation as a quality service provider.”


Firetoms claims to be an illustration, photograghy, programming, consulting company with, though with no office address on its official website, no contact telephone number, you can only get in touch by using its contact us comment box.


Who is behind firetoms?

We don’t know who is behind firetoms at the moment, but an authority within npower technical unit said “npower commissioned firetoms to handle some of its reference/acknowledgment emails when npower was experiencing downtime.” A guy who called us claimed to be from firetoms said “we’re consultant to npower” he refused to mention his name, though.


Is firetoms a scam?

Technical staff of npower said, “Firetoms email is not a scam.”

Example of Npower  email sent by firetoms

“Dear Applicant, 


Acknowledgement of your application

We hereby acknowledge receipt of your application and documents. 

Your unique application reference is stated in this acknowledgement letter. Please keep safely for future reference. 


The selection committee will now review your application and documents. 

Once a decision is reached, you will receive further communication via your email and also via your portal account. 

Yours Sincerely, 

Selection Committee

N-Power “


N-Power © 2016 All Rights Reserved

The above email is generic “Dear Applicant”


How to check the email address of a sender

If you’re using Yahoo Apps, or Gmail Apps, when you opened a message there is always on top of the message “details” click on details to reveal the email address of the sender.

Do you want more tips on how to identify a phishing, spoofing or scam email? ReturnPath has more elaborate security measures you can take in order to stay safe before and after receiving an email message from a stranger


Some of the email addresses of Npower Team






Sample of first set of npower acknowledgment email or reference number

“Dear Ijaduola Smith (this is an imaginary name, please, any similarity is coincidence)

Acknowledgement of your application

We hereby acknowledge receipt of your application and documents. 

Your unique application reference is “NPTC 198600734518”.

Please keep safely for future reference and access to your N-power portal. Your application will now be processed and documents reviewed. Once your application has been fully processed, you will receive further information via your email and also via your portal account.

You will require your username and password to access your portal account. 

If your email or telephone number  requires change in the future, simply access your N-Power portal account and update your record.

Selection Committee

N-Power “

Note: Handing over your details to a third party for registration is risky.

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