What’s your Npower challenges during and after registration

Since the Federal Government employment initiative N-power began on June 12, 2016, applications on the registration portal have been massive.  While some unemployed Nigerian youths applied successfully, others couldn’t. Some applicants in a WhatsApp chat share their experiences and what they’d like Npower Team to do right.

npower-shortlist“Npower portal was initially too busy to accept application. I tried severally to register but it failed me, it took extra time and more resource spending to scale through. I sensed the challenges the site had was later resolved that was when my registration was complete.

My advice:  Npower employment programme is a good initiative and as such they should speed up the screening and training process. We’re already in the second half of the year, they should capture many qualified people as possible at the same time sincerely tell us the number of people that has registered till date. They shouldn’t politicize the whole process. They can’t afford to fail the large number of unemployed Nigerian youths because the past administrations have failed to capture the affairs of the youths in terms of governance. The time is now for APC-led Federal Government to fulfill their campaign promises. I believe that the only compensation for the youths is to empower them to be self reliant; and give them avenue to showcase their talents.” Domendu Ogechukwu, a graduate of Insurance and Actuarial Science.


“Npower registration portal wasn’t available to complete my registration the first day I tried to register. It took me series of strenuous attempts before I could register successfully.

My advice: Npower selection process should be strictly on merit. No group or section of society should be allowed to hijack the selection process.” Awuchi C.G

“Npower registration process was difficult at the initial stage which was later fixed. My advice: The management should as a matter of urgency constitute a team of trusted expertise to handle its data base. They should also make sure that qualified people are shortlisted so as to keep the economy running.” Ijeoma F. Chimezie.


“My Npower reference number didn’t come at the stipulated time. That’s not a problem as I later received my ref number. But I want Npower to recruit unemployed Nigerian graduates base on merit and not on political affiliation. The Federal Government should also clearly let applicants know when Npower programme will commence.” Abdulrahaman Ayinde


“I want Npower to make applicants’ portal to be accessible so that they will be able to edit or update their details.” Sandra

“I applied for Npower Tech software, up till now I’m yet to get confirm email.” Ibrahim M. Muhammad.

“Npower should make the portal more accessible” Tony Ayo

“Npower portal is not good at uploading photos, professional and capable software engineer should be employed to get the problem fixed” Peter Onesimus


“The only challenge I faced while registering was when I wanted to upload my documents and passport. I was told I would get an acknowledgment message few hours after registration, but it took almost a month before I got it.” Anonymous

“I received my acknowledgment message on the day of registration.” Anonymous

“Uploading my documents was extremely difficulty. I later uploaded it, but I still want the Federal Government to work on the Npower employment  initiative lapses so that such difficulty we experienced now won’t repeat itself in subsequent programme, if there will be continuity” Anonymous


“One month after I applied I’m yet to get any acknowledgement whether my application was successful or not” Anonymous

“I discovered that B.ED wasn’t included under the Npower Teach. I’m sure it’s an oversight on the part of the developer, which can still be included.” Anonymous

“More than a month I applied I’m yet to get reference number” Anonymous

“I haven’t got reference number three weeks after registration, how do I know where I belong?” Anonymous

“The system lodged me out at the first stage and could not continue until I later got a link to upload my credentials. Also, my reference number came with just dear applicant without my name like others.” Anonymous

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