What’s the difference between NYSC Call Up Number and NYSC Certificate Number?

(Last Updated On: May 14, 2018)

Are you surprised that the difference between NYSC Call-Up Number and NYSC Certificate Number could be a serious article on infobase? You need not be because some ex-corps members, some acclaimed graduates, didn’t know the difference between the two. This question first came on Nigeria jobs and Career community, naijahotjobs.com, on March 13, 2009. The same question came up again in 2016.

And this is how I got to know…

When the Federal Government opened its portal for the recruitment of over 500, 000 unemployed Nigerian youths on June 12, 2016, through its N500 billion social investment programme dubbed Npower applicants faced series of challenges on npower portal: from system crashing, to getting stuck midway of application, inaccessibility of the portal to difficulties in filling necessary details.


The problem prompted me to post a thread on Africa’s most popular forum Nairaland Solve npower.gov.ng registration issues here.” The aim of that thread was to help applicants in some of their challenges, which I believed were within my capability. That thread on nairaland was well received as it provided a medium for questions and answers.

I can’t highlight all the questions asked by npower applicants, but one question that left me baffled is: Difference between NYSC Call Up Number and NYSC Certificate Number? The applicant who asked the question got knocks from other thread contributors. But it’s better to ask what you don’t know than to keep quiet. That’s why infobase has taken the time to shed more light on this.

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What’s NYSC Call Up Number?

NYSC Call Up Number is the combination of abbreviation of National Youth Service Corps, the state where you’re posted to serve or where you’re serving, the institution from which you graduated from, the year you’re posted to serve (if you like call it your batch year), and your unique number.

The combination of the above is called NYSC Call Up Number.


Take this analysis of NYSC Call Up Number as a sample


NYSC means National Youth Service Corps

OY means Oyo State. That is you’re posted to serve in Oyo State

BEN means University of Benin. It means you graduated from the University of Benin

2011 indicates that the year you served

142356 is your unique number

That said.

Your NYSC certificate number usually appears at the top right hand corner of your NYSC certificate. NYSC certificate number is simply the number that doesn’t have initials like NYSC/OY. It’s simply the certificate number.

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