Is startofnews a scam or a legit online job? A review

Last updated: September 12,2016 (20:07)

Startofnews: A review

I’m sure you’ve been asking one of the following questions:

  • Is startofnews a fraud?
  • Can startofnews pay out $600 within a week?
  • Is it possible to get $70 for just a referrer?

You landed here because you’re interested in knowing the credibility of startofnews. And because you wanted to know if startofnews is a scam or not?

One of the trending online jobs at the moment is startofnews, an acclaimed earn money by reading news website. So, this review is based on personal experience with startofnews.


Name: Startofnews


Owner: Hidden

Membership: Free

Method of payout: PayPal and PayZa

Scam of legit? Startofnews is a mild scam because it doesn’t require you to pay anything, but wastes someone’s time.

I have proofs to tag startofnews as a scam website

But first…

What is StartofNews?

Startofnews is an acclaimed online job websites which claims that you earn $3 for each of the news you read on its partners’ websites. The webmaster of the website says “ has been created to unite mass media and readers.” Read and earn. The more you read, the more your bucks. Earning makes simple, right? If $3 is easy to make wouldn’t you rather make money reading news article? But before you start reading news for money, take a few minutes to read through this review.

My personal experience with startofnews

I’ve tried this read news job on startofnews, and I have the proofs to tell you authoritatively that startofnews, an online job website, is scam, and a complete waste of time.

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Here are the proofs to tell you that startofnews is a scam

Payouts inconsistency

  • Its minimum payout was put at $4,500 on July 1, 2016
  • On July 7, 2016, it changed to $3,500
  • Startofnews didn’t stopped at that, it changed its payout again on July 18, 2016 to $600

That’s one of the evidences of a scam online job.

 Grammatical errors

The contents on startofnews website are full of grammatical errors. Some of the sentences have tune of “pigin,” an adulterated English Language. For instance, “Share your referral link for facebook and get $70 to your balance for one partner”

Stuck Payout

You’ll never be paid even if you reached the minimum payout. Within a week of trial, I reached $2,300 and requested for pay, till date the pay is still hanging, while several inquiries put across to them never got feedback.

Complaints will never get feedback

Contact us page was only put on the website. Your complaints will never get reply.

Claims by startofnews that call for scrutiny

“Thanks to mass media gets interested audience and site users get opportunity of extra profit. Every user can read about 40 current news and earn from $100 a day. If you work at our portal everyday you are insured to have permanent earning more than $3, 000 a month .”

The claims above aren’t true.

“Effective affiliate program on our site. A user shares his affiliate link in social networks and gets guaranteed $70 for each invited user.”

From their claim, you’re sure of $36,000 per year. That runs into millions in some African countries and other part of the world.

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Also it has 37 other websites on its servers, according to scamadviser. That calls for caution!

We at the infobase wants you to exercise caution about your personal details when you’re dealing with website with a very low online reputation, particularly websites that promise you huge pay with little task.

It’s not just startofnews. A great number of other scam online jobs are out there. Don’t waste your time. There are real online jobs, but none of them pay as high as $3 for a task that takes less than 30 seconds. If it were to be easy to make money, the whole world would have been Bill Gate.

Samples of other online scam

  • and lots more.

The question now is…

Is there any legitimate referral programme?

YES! I can assure you that there still lots of scam-free, fraud-free Pay-to-Click sites, and website from which you can make considerable money.

But the legitimate ones won’t promise you $70 from a referral, neither $3 for clicking on an ads.

One of them which will be formally launched on September 16, 2016 is NiceStartBux, an ad pack website that pays you when you interact its displayed ads and advertisers.

It’s a new click to earn/ad pack website that has promised to deliver quality advertisements at the same time create invaluable way for people to make an online income.

How to get involved in nicestartbux

There are ways to get involved in nicestartbux methods of generating traffic to your website, and earning from referrals:

  • Buy affordable Ad Pack starting from $1
  • By being a free member
  • Click on Ads
  • Refer members
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Read my full review of nicestartbux here

Watch out! Stay away from online job scam.



It’s your turn…

Is there any online job you’ve tried and want to alert the world about its authenticity? Write your own review and get published.

6 Replies to “Is startofnews a scam or a legit online job? A review”

    1. It’s a complete wasting of time . It’s better to engage yourself in more significant thing than spending your time on startofnews website

    1. HI Joe,

      Startofnews doesn’t pay out. You’re only on the website to read news. If you’re the type who doesn’t read news, but forced to do so because of the dollars attached, then it becomes wasting of time.

      The site is a scam, only claims what it doesn’t offer. It’s advisable you invest your time in more significant activities than reading news on startofnews that will never pay you a penny.

      And i’m sure such site like startofnews will use users emails, details to send unsolicited information later in the future.

      1. Hi Luluh, we have more than 100 reports of startofnews inability to payout.

        We’ve tried it here too over 2months ago since we requested for a payout, but nothing has been done.

        If you want to convince us and other people who might want to give startofnews a try, then provide us with evidence of payment.

        Infobase review is based on first-hand information.

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