Use these URL expander to translate short URL to avoid dubious link


8 Shortened URL Expander to Help You Avoid Account Hijack


Shortened URLs are known to be used by spammers and other online criminals to gain access to your personal data, particularly financial particulars. Cybercriminals have nothing to gain if they can’t obtain your financial details. 
And as the world market and transactions are heading towards mobile commerce, you’re likely to encounter more shortened URLs in your daily activities on mobile device.
This means you’re likely to click on enticing short links, but there is need for you to FIRST know where a link takes you so that you don’t unknowingly fall in the pit of online criminals.
Though, you can add a code or sign to a short link so as to unveil the destination of such link.
But if you’re finding it extremely tasking “adding code or sign” to a shortened link, Mobile Baking Watch found 8 URL expansion service providers that give you the liberty to “copy and paste” any short URL into their expansion bar in order to see where a link go.
 Know Where a Short Link Takes You

These are the eight tools to that will help you:
  • get information about short links before visiting them.
  • Preview,,, tinyurl,,, and other Shortened URLs service providers
  • see the original URL of a shortened link before visiting it.
  • find out where a URL redirects.
  • get insight whether the long URL is secured to visit.

If you’re more excited about a YouTube video, these tools will reveal the destination of a short YouTube link, whether it is secured or just another gimmick of the cybercriminals.  


1. Check Short URL

2.  Long URL
6. URLex
If for any reason anybody sends a short link to you, use any of the above eight short link expanders to check if the original URL is what you’re familiar with.

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