What is my purpose? By Rachael Yahne

What is my purpose? Is a collection of inspiring essays on the questions every woman asks, written by Rachael Yahne of HerAfter.com.


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Rachael, who’s a cancer survivor through this inspiration and love ebook shares lifestyle tips on how to be happy, even in the face challenges.
In this ebook: What is my purpose? you’ll find useful tips on how to be in control of your life; how to find your REAL you in a way that will make you feel fulfilled, happy for the rest of your life.
Title: What is my purpose?

Author: Rachael Yahne

Format: PDF

Size: 599kb

Price: FREE

To be happy in life you just have to remain YOU, trying to change yourself to be like someone else WILL not make you happy. One of the secrets of being happy is to be contented and be YOU.
Other motivational tips Rachael Yahne shares in this free downloadable ebook are:

  1. On Health and Well-Being: The Truth about Unhappiness and How to Break Free 
  2. On Beauty: Any Day With Hair is a Good Hair Day 
  3. On Wellness: How to Become a Morning Person 
  4. On Style: Fashion in the ‘Age of Women’

“These essays are designed to give you an over-arching view of yourself from a deep, intuitive place so that you can access the power you already have to be happy, feel beautiful, and change the world.”

 About the author

My name is Rachael, and I’m a cancer survivor and freelance journalist. I write women’s lifestyle articles on everything from coping with fear to make-up tips, positive body image, productivity, and more.
At age 17, I was diagnosed with stage 4B lymphoma, which had spread all throughout my body even into the bones. I was just naive and headstrong enough to refuse fear, the same fear everyone around me seemed to hold.
I whole-heartedly believed there was no way I would die. I had no reason to believe this, I hadn’t asked the right questions yet, but I traveled down to my heart where a little voice told me “fight, fight, fight”, and that’s what I did.
I was treated with an experimental chemo at Cedar Sinai Medical Center in LA, and have gone on to realize my life’s work of writing to help women become the best versions of themselves.
The hard part, however, came afterward. With a second chance at life came so many questions about what to do now…Find out more here by clicking on the download link

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