Kofi Annan, former UN Head dies at 80

The former Secretary General of the United Natiobs (UN) Kofi Annan, has died at the age of 80. The Ghanaian diplomat, who served as seventh secretary general of United Nations between 1997 and 2006, died on Saturday ,August 18, 2018. His family and the chairman of Kofi Annan Foundation announced on Saturday on twitter. A […]

Capital Market Committee Set up Committee on Fintech Roadmap in Nigerian Capital Market

Nigeria doesn’t want to be left behind in the Fintech world, recent meetings, partnership and formation of Capital Market Committee (CMC) among stakeholders attest to that. CMC is borne out of the partnership between Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Technology (fintech) Association of Nigeria. In its second series, the CMC August 9, […]

Fintech firms enter sub-prime credit card lending

Fintech firms are entering a sector mostly feared by the credit card-issuing banking institutions. The financial technology firms are doing this by lending to customers with poor credit histories, a risk banking sectors can’t take. The latest report says that LendUp Global and Fair Square Financial, which focus more heavily on riskier borrowers, mailed out […]

How to Create A Lovely and Adorable Dating Profile

In this internet-dependent world, where you keep in touch with old school friends, you can as well use the internet to find that special partner online. While there are tens of hundreds of dating sites on the internet where you can hook up, your first step should be to create an adorable and captivating dating profile. And let’s […]

15 Marriage Tips That Will Make Your Union A Success

It’s more than 24 months of married life, it’s been a great lesson so far, and here are the 15 marriage tips that’s keeping our union strong. You can’t stop learning in marriage, but if all married people could be kind to share all their experiences, those who are warming up to embark on marital […]

Top 15 H2i benefits that will make you see Multi Level Marketing Differently

Registered members have talked about H2i benefits since the Multi Level Marketing firm cum Non Government Organization started operation in Nigeria. On this platform, we’ve written extensively about H2i stages, and shared some testimonies of Helping Hands International. In this post, we’ll delve more into advantages inherent in joining this network marketing. Thousands of Nigerians have […]

Latest CV format in Nigeria recommended by Recruiters

Latest CV format in Nigeria must contain your Name, professional title and contact details, Personal Statement among others, in this guide we WILL show you how to write a captivating CV. When it comes to job search, your CV is as important as your academic qualifications, through your CV, you create an impression. What is […]

The Catholic Priest and Laziness By Fr. Julian Ibe

One educated illiterate made a comment to my hearing of recent that the priesthood is for lazy people. According to him, it is only those who desire an easy and stress-free life that venture into the priesthood. I listened to him attentively for a while as he presented his ignorant thesis. When I remembered that […]