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How to Correct (and Edit) your Npower Name

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2018)

If your N-power name is Adekoya Igbeti Aleike, but on login in you found Akodeya Igbeti Alake, then you’re likely to encounter problems when it’s time to start receiving your monthly salary. Here is a guide on how to apply for N-power correction of name.

Your name is one of the most important details required of you within your NPVN profile, N-power team pay close scrutiny to your names, your Bank Verification Name (BVN).

In a situation whereby your BVN doesn’t corresponds with your name, you should be a bit worried.

Though N-power 2017 registration was unique in the area of preregistration and post registration. It’d be recalled that BVNs were used for screening during registration and during the online test.

Those whose names were found to have conflict with their BVN were not shortlisted for the N-power online test in 2017.

That has really reduced the burden of having to deal with the issue of changing of names, going to your bank to make correction.

Issue of wrong names in 2016 first batch

That problem really was peculiar to the 2016 first batch, some of them are still crying of non-payment of stipends.

That has been avoided already in 2017 second batch list, but some beneficiaries told infobase.com.ng that they saw misspelt names or wrong names in their NPVN Portal while trying to upload their ID and photos.

We’ll solve the problem right here:

How to correct or edit your N-power Name in NPVN portal

In one of our previous posts, infobase.com.ng told you that your NPVN Portal contains everything you want to do as the portal has been upgraded by the team so as to accommodate more beneficiaries: 200,000 in 2016; 300,000 in 2017 plus N-Build and others.

Follow the guide below to correct your name which has been mispelt or wrong:

Step 1:
As usual, login to your NPVN dashboard using your phone number and your password

Step 2:
Click the option by your left hand side if you’re using a Samsung Pad, Techno Droid, iPhone, or any other Android devices.

The entire options will be displayed for you if you’re using laptop or desktop computer. For the purpose of this guide, we are using Tablet device.

Step 3:
From the drop down you’ll see I) announcement, ii) Help and Suppor, and click Help&Support

Step 4:
It’ll upload “Report an Issue” click on it.

Step 5:
Click on complain type, from the drop down menu you’ll see options like: payment, profile, verification, deployment, redeployment, device selection, and resignation. Select “PROFILE”How-to-redeploy-in-npower-infobasecomng

Step 6:
Choose the appropriate title. Let your title be captivating for it to elicit click from N-power support team.

Sample of some title you can use for correction of name:
A) Error in name
B) Mispelt name
C) Correct my name, please.
D) Adekoya NOT Akodeya

Step 7:
In the message box, clearly state your name again, and point out the error for any of the Npower support team members to effect the correction.

Then hit SUBMIT.


N-power has the final decision on this issue. If N-power at its discretion thinks your monthly stipend won’t be affected, it may leave it the way it is since it had initially verified your BVN.

What other issues are you having? Share with us right we’d be glad to help you .

Or you can contact N-power on its social media page.


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