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#NpowerNG tablet problems: contact devicesupport@npvn.ng to resolve device issues


Since N-power began the distribution of its device tablets, we’ve seen varying complaints from beneficiaries, but NpowerNG has made provision on how it could be reached to resolve issues with your device.

Below are some of the reasons why you may want to contact N-power device support centre for assistance:

1)If you can’t make call with your device even with the availability of the free monthly N250 airtime on it

2)If you can’t use the free 750MB on your device even when you can see that the data is available on your line

3)If the collection centre for the device in your state is claiming that it no longer gives devices out to volunteers, even when you’ve not collected yours, then you’ll need to contact Npower tablet support centre

3)If your NpowerNG-MTN line doesn’t come with the free monthly call card

4)If your device doesn’t come with the free monthly 750MB then you can reach out to devicesupport@npvn.ng

5)If the learning materials on your device aren’t working properly

6)If you cannot mark your attendance

7)If the repair and Support centre for your device denies having any partnership with N-power as regards maintenance then you’ll need to contact N-power device support centre for solution using the above email.

8)If you’re in a particular batch (say batch A) but you lost your line before the commencement of the distribution of device and effort to retrieve your phone line proved abortive, then you will need to contact devicesupport@npvn.ng for support. But first, login to your NPVN dashboard to check when you are scheduled to collect your device.

9)If you lost your device after collection due to carelessness or robbery or outbreak of fire in your apartment or accident or other circumstances beyond your control, then it’s important to contact devicesupport@npvn.ng to notify them of the situation. That’s after you must have reported the case to the nearest police station, police might not be helpful in this regard, just make it formal.

If any of the above problems is applicable to you, please contact devicesupport@npvn.ng for rapid support.

Remember that N-power devices are training gadgets please take good care of it and don’t sell it.

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