Is USI-TECH Bitcoin Packs: Scam or Legit? It’s REAL if you asked me

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Before joining USI-TECH I did a quick search, the first thing I read was scary review about the company. Unfortunately, those who write bad things about the USI-TECH either know nothing about it or they have another product they are promoting. To lure people to sign up for their product where they’ll make more referral commissions they have to condemn others by planting fears into the minds of prospective users.

How does Usi-Tech BTC Investment operate?

Bitcoin automated trading isn’t the only product of Usi-Tech, it’s also into forex trading softwares.

Bitcoin automated trading

You begin your bitcoin investment with 50 Euros (though there is also 1.50 Euros as the mining fee) on that amount you get 1% profit daily on your investment, you get 5% on your bitcoin investment per week, 20% monthly, and 140% in 140 working days, which means an investor could earn as much as he chooses depending on the numbers of bitcoin packs he buys.

The daily profit is credited into your account on every working day (Monday to Friday), making is 20 working days in a month.

With the 1 BTC pack which is 50 Euros, your investment turns to 70 Euros at the expiration of 140 working days, meaning 100% on your actual investment and 40% as additional profit i.e 40 Euros as Return

Can I withdraw my investment any time?

As your UsiTech account is being credited with your daily profit, you have the opportunity to withdraw the return because there is withdrawal button very close to your grand total return meaning this can be withdrawn into your bitcoin wallet any time.

From your bitcoin wallet you can then sell the btc at the current market price to any credible BTC buyers in your country.

In terms it also means you can withdraw your 100% investment on the 140 days.

That’s simple!

How does the rebuy work

I started with a BTC pack four months ago, but today I have exactly 11 packs from daily interest and from referral commission. You make 10% commission on referral on anyone who registers through you. I make more referral commission which has greatly helped in making my pack increase.

You can make your investment grow as fast as possible by reinvesting your return or your entire investment. Let’s use an example: using 8 packages i.e 400 Euros

Let’s calculate what your profit would be and how you could reinvest from your profit (Return):

20% of 400 Euros=80

This means you’ll be making as much as 80 Euros as return per month (20 working days). If you like you could purchase another 1 BTC pack from your 80 Euros return, by that it your pack becomes 11, on and on and on.

The most interesting aspect of UsiTech bitcoin investment is that you could set your rebuy to 70/30 meaning you’re reinvesting 70% of your profit while withdrawing the rest of 30% into your BTC wallet.

That’s straight forward and simple by anyone to understand, no hidden charges. And you can possibly turn to a bitcoin trader within a week without any crypto background.

So, is USI-TECH Bitcoin Investment: Scam or Legit?

Most of the people who claim Usi-Tech is a scam are mostly those who do not believe in the cryptocurrency innovation.  JP Morgan is one of the known critic of bitcoin who didn’t buy into bitcoin innovation, but the good news is that the bank is now considering adopting BTC. JP Morgan isn’t the only financial institution; others are now secretly queuing into cryptocurrencies. Very soon, their faces would be known.

To me, UsiTech Bitcoin investment isn’t a scam because of the following reasons:

Everyone is free to draw his conclusion based on their understanding of how something works

Usi-Tech is a registered company with a physical office address

I’m involved and I’ve taken my time to test how it operates. I’ve tested the withdrawal option and I received by BTC earnings.

If you want to understand how something operates you have to get involved, you can’t claim something is a scam when you’re not involved, when you don’t know how it operates.

Only those from inside that draw that conclusion. The company has changed the financial status of some individuals, while it’s making some people see more hope in the future.

You can begin with just a pack 50 Euros and experience the beauty of UsiTech in bitcoin investment.

Depending on your currency, in Nigeria Naira, you can start this business with less than N25,000; in the United States something below $70 would get you started, 80AUD would turn you to a testimony if you’re an Aussie.

Registration is 100% Free! REGISTER HERE if you’re Ready