USI-TECH Official Website: and Bitcoin Investment Registration Process

Want to earn 1% daily profit on your bitcoin investment, and 140% in 140 working days?

There are different available options for you to make fortune from your bitcoin (BTC) investment in a situation whereby you don’t want any intermediary between your BTC and how you trade with it. One of the ways is: buy bitcoin yourself when the price is low, and wait till it surges (note that the price isn’t stable, but it has been predicted to reach a market value of 1BTC=$10,000 before the end of 2018).

If you’ve decided to invest and sell your BTC yourself it’s a good decision, but you could as well consider using a licensed BTC platform to get daily interest from your investment. In essence if you buy $140 worth of bitcoin when 1 BTC is equivalent to $7,400 your daily interest will be proportionate to the value of BTC at the time.

This means you’ll gain more by the time Bitcoin soars, say 1BTC is valued at $7,800 seven days after, your daily profit on that day will also be proportionate to the value of BTC on the day. You will gain more. That’s simple I guess? Don’t forget that the price isn’t stable, but 90% certain that the price goes up more than down.

One of the registered BTC firms that will let you get value from your BTC investment is USI-Tech with the OFFICIAL WEBSITE: USITECH-INT.COM. It is transforming the way we all see BTC investment by making it simple and rewarding for anyone to invest in the digital money.

Some of the benefits that makes USI-TECH leader in the market at the moment include:

  • 100% Free registration as much you’re 18 years and above
  • No experience needed, all you need is to perfectly understand what bitcoin is and how you can gain financial freedom from it
  • Start trading Bitcoin on Auto-pilot, i.e just make a purchase of what you can afford and monitor your daily profit.
  • 1% profit daily, making it 5% weekly, and 140% ROI in 140 working days. This 140 days however depends on the your decision to withdraw your profit totally or reinvest it in what economists refer to as Compound Interest, which if properly utilized can change the financial status of an average man. It favours those who invested $140 and another who invested $1,000,000. They get the same percentage, the daily percentage is however proportionate to the amount invested.
  • Start BTC investment as low as 50 Euros worth of bitcoin.
  • 24/7 Support
  • Plus referral commission, which isn’t a must, whether you refer or not your €50 worth of bitcoin gives you 1% daily interest which is credited into your USI-TECH balance.
  • 10% direct commission. To qualify for the USI bitcoin 10% direct commission you do not need a thing other than an account and the direct under you who makes a purchase.

USI-TECH Bitcoin Investment Registration Process

Fine you now have a clear understanding of how USI-TECH operates and how you could benefit. I’ve already written on How USI-TECH Bitcoin Package works and which Strategy is helpful?

Registering on USI-TECH is simple and straight forward, less than 2minutes you’re done. Check the registration guide below:

Step 1:

Visit the USI-TECH official website at

Step 2:

Click on Get Stated Now

Step 3:

Fill your First Name, Last Name and other spaces with *

Step 4:

Agree to the Terms and Conditions after reading them

Step 5:

Certify that you’re not a robot by ticking the box

Step 6:

Click on Enrol

Step 7:

Email verification will be sent to your registered email address you provided. You will receive a validation email to your email inbox

Please click on the activation URL in the email to fully activate your account.

Step 8:

Login to your email and click on the verification email to confirm your registration.

Note: If you don’t see the email, make sure to check your spam folder.

Step 9:

Click on “Click Here” to access your account. My next tutorial will be how to buy your first USI BTC pack and begin to enjoy Bitcoin investment.

Step 10:

Login to your USI account, you either scroll down and click on profile settings or click on your name by the top right hand side, from the drop-down menus, click on my profile

This section has three major sections:

Basic Information

Broker Information

Account Verification

Basic Information

Fill the necessary information under the Basic Information area, make sure you click on verify phone number and enter the verification code that will be sent to you. And finally click on UPDATE. You can leave the Company Name box vacant.

Broker Information

Don’t bother yourself with broker information account if you’re not a certified broker.

Account Verification

Under this section you need an ID Confirmation Photo. And what’s it?

An ID confirmation photo is a picture of you, the account holder, holding the ID used for verification next your face to allow for facial confirmation of the ID.

In addition to the ID, you should also hold a piece of paper that has handwritten on it next to your face. This piece of paper should include the current date and your signature.

Please hold the ID and paper in your hand(s). It’s fine to hold both the paper and the ID in the same hand.

Both your face and the ID should be clearly visible and any text, numbers or photos on the ID must be readable and not be covered by your fingers or by the piece of paper.

Clients will be required to provide an ID confirmation photo to verify for commission payments: You can upload the ID confirmation photo in you USI-TECH account in your personal profile.

Click on Get Started to upload your photos and ID, upload the photo and ID and click on Update and wait for the USI-Tech Team to approve your verification.

That’s all

If you haven’t started yet you can register by Clicking on Get Started Here or by clicking on the Photo Below and begin to roll.

Note: The link above contains my referral which means I’ll get commission if you use it. And in that case you reach me on facebook for support and how best to grow your bitcoin investment with USI: The future of cryptocurrency