How USI-TECH Bitcoin Package works and which Strategy is helpful?

Want to earn 1% daily profit on your bitcoin investment? There are two major ways to achieve this with USI-TECH:

1.Enjoy the 100% free registration

You can enjoy the 100% free registration. This costs you nothing. Get your advertisement (referral) link and begin to preach bitcoin investment to your friends, when anyone registered through your link you get commission. When your commission accumulates you can purchase an USI BTC package which is 50 Euros. From there your one pack can begin to yield interest and you compound profit i.e use your interest to rebuy another pack and continue to grow.

2.Buy USI Bitcoin Pack

By starting off by purchasing USI-TECH BTC Pack, your purchase is an investment. You can buy as much as possible depending on your purse.

For those who will be taking off with BTC pack with USI-Tech, I’m going to use an explanation by USI-Tech Marketing Director of Asia Pacific Andy Weickinger.

This analysis is only an example for a better understanding on how USI bitcoin package works. One BTC Pack cost 50 Euros. At the time this explanation was given, that amount was equivalent to $55, so let’s stick to that value.

USI Bitcoin Packs Analysis and how it works

You get the principle back throughout the 140 days. (1% ROC for 140 days = 140%) So if you are rebuying you are using your principle to get more packages. This literally means that you’ll be able to rebuy additional pack from your initial capital in 100 working days, if you bought just only one pack off, the additional 40 days let you make 40% extra from your investment.

After 140 days your (original) package goes away, but the re-bought ones stay working. So when you are ready to start withdrawing, it’s smart to set it to 70% rebuy And withdraw 30% of your 1% earnings per day.

That way, you will always be buying more. And your packages and daily income will always be growing vs falling off…

goal is to build my packages up to 2,400 by leaving it set to 100%… at that point I will set it to 70% re-buy so my packages will never go under 2,400 and always be growing more than falls off… That 30% withdraw per day would = about $8,000 per month passive income ($400 daily for 20 working days)

And “new Partner purchase” are going to be added in the mix on TOP of this income. So the 70% re-buy and 30% withdraw will include re-buying packages with referral earnings. So my 30% withdraw could be double or triple the passive income depending on how big my team is by then…

70% / 30% withdraw method explained

Here is some different incomes based on the 70% / 30% withdraw method once you reach a certain package (keep in mind this is based on USD55 at the time of putting this article together) So it’s illustration purposes only to understand the strategy better…

If you buy 150 packs at $55 each

150 Packages x $55 = $8,250 x 1% = $82.50 x 30% = $24.75 x 20 working days/mo = $495 per month

600 packs at $55 each

600 Packages x $55 = $33,000 x 1% = $330 x 30% = $99.00 x 20 = $1,980 per month

1,500 packs at $55 each

1,500 Packages x $55 = $82,500 x 1% = $825 x 30% = $247.50 x 20 = $4,950 per month

2,400 packs at $55 each

2,400Packages x $55 = $132,000 x 1% = $1,320 x 30% = $396.00 x 20 = $7,920 per month

3,300 packs at $55 each

3,300 Packages x $55 = $181,500 x 1% = $1,815 x 30% = $544.50 x 20 = $10,890 per month

5,000 packs at $55each

5,000 Packages x $55 = $275,000 x 1% = $2,750 x 30% = $825 x 20 = $16,500 per month

Withdrawal fee

Since it’s a 2% withdraw fee, it doesn’t really matter when you withdraw. So you can withdraw daily and it’s the same fee as if you withdrew weekly! So the 30% withdraw method works more on a daily basis… Or you can 100% compound 5 days a week, and 100% withdraw 2 days a week and get the same effect.

For example… If your daily 30% is $300… Your fee would be $6…

Or if you waited 5 days and accumulated $1,500 2% would be $30…

So either way you are paying $6 per $300… So might as well just take daily income. It’s the same fee no matter how often you pull out.

How real is USI-TECH bitcoin investment model?

It’s a win-win situation. The company is made up of forex experts and traders who have been in the game for years.

USI-TECH isn’t a scam. At this time we now have USI-TECH bitcoin investors who now make weekly withdrawal from their investment.

We have now some people who started with just one pack, and have grown it to more than 20 packs courtesy re-buy (Compound Effect) and commissions from their downlines.

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With USI-TECH you have 100% autopilot on your Bitcoin investment:

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