USI-Tech Bitcoin Investment Guide | Best Bitcoin System


Disclaimer: The value of BITCOIN, BTC for short, has made the digital currency an exciting investment for everyone, but before putting your money into anything make sure you first thoroughly UNDERSTAND how it operates.

Don’t worry if you’re a first-timer this post is an A to Z guide on how to start bitcoin investment. By the end of this post you wouldn’t need assistance of a third party to make passive income from your investment.

This post will majorly focus on three topics:

  • How to invest in Bitcoin

  • How to fund bitcoin wallet in Nigeria

  • Best websites for bitcoin wallet in U.S, UK, Australia, Japan, others

 How to invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin holds great opportunity to millions of people around the world because of its independence, and free from government control. Tech inclined individuals in Asian countries, UK, US, Australia have been investing in it as back as 2009/2010 when the price of bitcoin below 1 US dollar.

In June 2009, one BTC (Bitcoin) was 0.0001 US Dollar, and by June 2014 1 BTC was 600 US dollars, today October 16, 2017 (1300HR) 1 BTC is 5,748.55 US dollar. That is close to 2 million in Nigerian naira, depending on your exchanger.

This article is intended to breakdown everything, and to guide those who have been hearing and reading about bitcoins, yet they keep asking: WHAT EXACTLY IS BITCOIN ABOUT?


Understand what bitcoins is and how it’s traded

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is generated (mined) online. It is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen, which enables a new payment system. The first Bitcoin specification and proof of concept was published in 2009 in a cryptography mailing list by Satoshi Nakamoto.

The community has since grown exponentially with many developers working on Bitcoin to make some cool cash.

Bitcoin has also grown to the point of providing million of jobs to thousands of people across the world through trading: buying and selling. Some have even left their job in the US and UK to do focus on bitcoin, and they are doing fine.


Before you put your money into it you do need to understand its trend since 2009.

Look at the increase and decrease in its value from 2009 to 2016 below

  • 1 BTC in June 2009 was 0.0001 US Dollar
  • 1 BTC in June 2010 was 0.07 USD
  • 1 BTC in June 2011 was 15 USD
  • 1 BTC in June 2012 was 7 USD
  • 1 BTC in June 2013 was 100 USD
  • 1 BTC in June 2014 was 600 USD
  • 1 BTC in June 2015 was 220 USD
  • 1 BTC early this month (October) was 4297.00 US Dollar
  • 1 BTC today, October 16, 2017 (1300HR) is 5,748.55 US dollar. You can use the exchange rate to convert that to Nigerian naira.

If you studied the price trend above, you would discover that increase in its value is more than decrease. Even when it decreases you can be patient a little further for it to pick up just as we have seen in 2013 of a man whose investment grew to 983,000 US dollars with just 10,000 USD worth of bitcoin he bought in 2009.

Financial experts have predicted that it WILL hit a record 10,000 USD to 1 BTC before the end of 2018.


To monitor the performance and progress of your bitcoin investment, you need the following

Bitcoin Wallet

It is like your bank account. This is just like your online banking system. Through your bitcoin wallet, you can make purchase (from outlets that accept bitcoin), receive funds in form of returns or commission. Some of the firms you can get a free bitcoin wallet are blockchain, coinbase. There are hundreds of them depending on your country; we have a handful of some of them below

Example of bitcoin wallet is: 1EuhyaAzbpVysg9ARFTukxiRx97ZG7LAuj

Just like the way you send and receive funds into your conventional bank account number, the above bitcoin wallet sample does the same.

NOTE: The above is my personal bitcoin wallet, please use yours which you can get on blockchain, xapo etc.

Trading System

(You may have to use my contact below to get the best system I have been using since June, 2017) which has everything you need to get started including video tutorials, how much you’ll make daily from your investment etc. this result has been amazing!

With the video, you do not need to depend on anyone. The only thing you need do is watch your money grow every day. You do that by login to your dashboard.

Monday through Friday, you see your account being credited, which you can withdraw, or re-invest if you like.

Enjoy 100% autopilot on your Bitcoin investment:

24/7 account access withdrawals

1% paid out daily making it 5% weekly returns, and 20% monthly and 140% ROI on 140 working days

No monthly charges/fees

No experience needed

100% Free registration

Internet Connection

With internet connection you are good to go on your smarphone with a higher Operating System, or on your laptop.

50 Euros

Fifty euros worth of bitcoin is what you need to get on board. You can convert that to your local currency. You can fund your local bank account with that equivalent. And fund your bitcoin wallet. You can buy bitcoin from some of the reliable exchangers in your country.

In Nigeria for instance, some of the bitcoin traders (buying and selling only) in Nigeria include: and

There are others, but my personal experience with the above exchangers has been fantastic.

How to fund bitcoin wallet in Nigeria

While some Nigerians are still learning how to make money with bitcoin, some are already making passive income from the digital currency that has changed the way the entire world see investment

1.To fund your bitcoin wallet in Nigeria, first you need to sign up at to get a bitcoin wallet (see above to see the sample of a bitcoin wallet) fill all the necessary information to secure/protect your account.

  1. Copy your bitcoin wallet address and save somewhere for use
  2. Make sure you have Nigerian Naira equivalent of 50 Euros in your account balance
  3. Login to your or account to request your bitcoin wallet be funded with the above 50 Euros worth of bitcoin. But you WILL have to pay first before such transaction could take place.

Note: Your bitcoin wallet you got from blockchain above will be requested for it to be funded.

  1. Head straight to THE BEST BITCOIN TRADING SYSTEM I’m recommending the one I use because it gives realistic result.