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How to fund H2i E-wallet account via official website at


EWallet, also known as digital wallets, is mobile payment apps that store your payment information on your smartphone. This information can include your credit, debit and prepaid card details.

But Helping Hands International E-wallet is an electronic wallet that is created along with your H2i account set up on the first day of joining the international online networking business.

Some of the advantages of E-wallet are

These merits of e-wallet platform are outlined by starting business and adapted by the write of this tutorial.

  1. E-wallets enable users to carry out financial transactions through an internet platform. H2i e-wallet is considerably popular amongst registered members of helping hands international because it provides users with a safe and secure method of making online payments.
  2. H2i e-wallet software enables members to avoid carrying large sums of cash around with them; they are able to pay for new registration through an online portal. This payment method isn’t peculiar to Helping hands international alone. Most large technological companies likr Apple, Google and Microsoft have introduced e-wallet software to their customers.
  3. H2i E-wallets are very useful to members who want to make worldwide online transactions and registration. With worldwide access, e-wallets are an excellent tool to facilitate online payments.
  4. H2i E-wallets allow members to keep track of their payments as they save digital receipts which can later be printed off for the user’s records.
  5. Funding your h2i e-wallet means you need to top up your account in case you don’t have sufficient dollar in your account balance. You need $40 in your E-wallet for a single account set up. That’s N6,600 because $1 is equivalent to N165 in H2i conversion rate.

Helping Hands International Concept Ltd, H2i for short, is an empowerment-based-membership program that uses online networking techniques to touch lives of others. All you need do is to simply recommending H2i to your loved ones including your family and friends.

There are two methods of funding your H2i E-wallet account:

1) Buying dollar from your upline or any other genuine member

2) Funding directly from the H2i portal


How to fund your Helping Hands International E-wallet account

  1. Buying dollar from your upline or any other genuine member

Call your upline to fund your account for you while you paid the Naira equivalent of $40 to his local bank account. All you need do is to send him your H2i username. When that’s confirmed, login to your Helping Hands International Dashboard, head straight to check your account balance to confirm the transfer.

That’s all.

The second method is…

  1. Funding directly from the H2i portal

Using this method is secured in case your upline doesn’t have enough dollar in his account balance. This method is recommended for those who do not have other genuine member to buy from. This is the most secured one

Step 1:

Go to the home page of Helping hands international at

Step 2:

Under Donate button, click on bank details. Below account info is what you get:

Account name: Helping Hands International Concept Ltd

Skye bank: 1771806247

Zenith bank: 1015303498

Step 3:

After making the transaction, send reminder SMS to the customer support using the following format:

Depositor name:

Amount paid:

Bank paid to:

Your H2i Username:

And send to any of the Customer service line: 08106685155 & 08185535599

Be patient for 5-10minutes for your account to be funded.

Step 4:

Login to your helping hands international dashboard via

Step 5:

Click on E-wallet section

  • Main Dashboard
  • My Account
  • My Income Report
  • E-Wallet Section
  • My Members Report
  • Genealogy Tree
  • Register Member
  • Support Management
  • Marketing Tools
  • Policy Section

Check the drops down: transaction history, prvious transaction history, e-wallet balance.

Step 6:

Click on E-wallet balance to check your fund top up and proceed to register other members. If your account isn’t funded yet please call any of the customer support lines.

H2i customer support is highly responsive.

That’s all.

If you haven’t joined, it’s time to take action.

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