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How to get your h2i E-wallet balance restored


Members of Helping Hands International were recently hit by the migration of to a new domain at thereby causing lost of the E-wallet balance, while other information remains intact.

If you’ve been affected by the new upgrade, H2i has good news for you. The management said e-wallet balance of those who were affected would be restored consequent upon submitting a complaint.

The message reads:

Dear Esteem members of H2i, Consequent upon the recent system upgrade of the H2i website, and in the management ‘s efforts and desire to serve members better in the H2i nation, the management wish to inform all our esteemed and dedicated members, that to properly rebrand and restructure the site, there shall be flushing of E-wallet from the system.

But this should not cause any panic, as management is more determined than ever to serve members better.

Consequently, if as a result of the aforesaid flushing of E-wallet from the system, your E-wallet is lost from the system, relax and be calm, as H2i will never wrongly deprive its members of their legitimate E-wallet.

How to get your h2i E-wallet balance restored

If your E-wallet is lost as a result of the said flushing of the system, kindly send complaint to any of the following:

Wherever you’re registration can absolutely be done within minutes, Call/WhatsApp +2348065277758


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