Obasanjo names lion cub Aremu, donates N1million for ‘his’ upkeep

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Perceptions of Nigerians about wildlife may change soon going to what happened today at Abeokuta, Ogun State, where Nigeria’s former President Olusegun Obasanjo named a newly born lion cub his traditional name Aremu.

The cub is one of the three newly born cubs at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL) park.

Aremu Obasanjo, who was represented‎ by the managing director of OOPL Vitalis Ortese, called on Nigerians to come to the aid of some of the endangered animal species.

”Name adoption of the animals in the park was aimed at recruiting individual and corporate partners who will support the park in providing the financial resources for the preservation and care of animals that are on the brink of extinction as a result of increased human activities,” he said.

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Premium Times says Aremu Obasanjo also donated N1 million for the animal’s upkeep.

Another‎ guest at the event was also reported to have adopted another cub at the sum of N1 million.

The National President of National Association of Zoo and Parks, Morenikeji Olajumoke, who was present at the event urged the government to put measures in place to rescue endangered species from extinction.

“Among the animals that are fast facing extinction is the Pangolin otherwise known as bush meat (‘eran igbe’ in Yoruba parlance). Already in China, we cannot find it anymore and they are shifting attention to Africa, particularly in Nigeria.

“And this is an animal that eliminates about 70 million pests in our forest annually. So, if we do not quickly address this, the pest will be available to destroy our forest too,” Olajumoke said.

Mrs. Morenike also appealed to the government to ensure the release of a park guard at Ogba Zoo and Nature Park in Benin, Edo State, Andy Ehanire, who was abducted on September 24 by unknown gunmen.

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