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Npower 2017 Pre-selection Stage Update


N-power 2017 registration was unique in a lot of ways. One of the ways was the release of the application, registration process and guidelines to follow.

In the next line of the application process is NpowerNG Pre selection. This is what some of the 2017 applicants call Pre-selection list.

Preceding the pre selection stage are: application, BVN verification, test, and device selection. In one of our posts, we faulted the stages; however N-power has the final say over how it’s going to implement the application process so as not avoid some of the numerous errors and complications some of the 2016 applicants caused.

What is NpowerNG Pre Selection?

N-power 2017 pre selection is the stage where the team in Abuja uses some criteria shortlist applicants to ensure it reflects the federal character. This stage needs utmost care and analysis because this is the stage N-power team also uses the information you submitted during application into consideration.

Has the pre selection been released?

The pre selection list is yet to be released, N-power will announce when. To get the first hand information about this follow N-power on its major social media channels.

When will the list be released?

When application closed last month, N-power set end of September as expected date to release pre-selection list, but we must all understand that expected date of something isn’t specific. It could be before or after. While you await this list you can keep up with the latest N-power news and update on this platform, or follow NpowerNG on its social media platforms:

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