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Advantages of TStv over other PayTV operators in Nigeria


The launch of TStv Africa, a new pay Television operator, in Nigeria on October 1, 2017 in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, has a model that could revolutionalise PayTV in Nigeria going by its packages and several benefits.

Formally launched by the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, TStv is owned by a Nigerian who believes in Nigerian dream Dr. Bright Echefu.

There are other PayTV firms operating in Nigeria, so what comparative advantage is TStv going to have over other operators?

Here are some of the advantages TStv

1) TStv subscription is affordable. It has 70 premium channels model with maximum subscription fee of N3000, making it the cheapest in Africa.

2) TStv is designed with Nigerian masses at heart, says the founder Echefu. This means that is not classified, and it has a model that accommodate subscription as low as N200 as N500 for a period of time.

3) It has Pay Per View feature. This means that you can pause your subscription when you travel, or when you’re not around. This operates like a pre paid meter. You only pay for what you watch.

Unlike other operators once you subscribe whether you watch or not your recharge will continue to run even when you travel for days. TStv has this advantage over others. That’s unique if you ask us at Infobase Nigeria.

4) TStv comes with PVR (Personal Video Recorder) Decoder.

5) The PVR feature allows customers to pause whatever interesting programme they are watching. You’ve got an unavoidable issue to attend to within minutes? Yes this feature allows you to pause the prgramme and continue from there when you’re back.

6) The PVR feature also gives customer the opportunity to forward his programme. This means you can forward a movie series you’ve watched before to other interesting things you want to see again.

7) Not just that TStv’s PVR also gives the customer the opportunity to save and record programmes of his interest.

Infobase take on this

Recording of programmes of interest by customer is a great feature, but we hope that the issue of copyright will not be tampered with.

8) Another advantage of TStv over others is its complimentary internet service, enabled Wi-Fi, as well as video calls and video conferencing services.

Our Take

Using your TStv decoder to browse the internet is the first ever service brought into the country by any PayTv operators in Nigeria. We can’t specifically say at this moment how it operates in South Africa, which is one of the major operators of PayTV in Africa. But this feature is already being used by other technologically advanced countries of the World.

TStv deserves commendation for this.

9) It has an array of amazing TV channels with premium entertainment, educative programs that cut across all genres that better define the uniqueness of Nigeria’s diverse culture and traditional values.

With the launch of TStv we hope that there will be more competition, which would eventually lead to better services. Nigeria would be better for it.

CEO Dr. Bright Echefu assures that it would not fail and they would deliver on their promises.

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