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NpowerNG 2017: Update on List of Second Batch Successful Applicants

Last update: March 3, 2017 (15:30)

Full list of Npower second batch

When the Federal Government announced its determination to recruit 500,000 unemployed Nigerian graduates, and 100,000 artisans on May 29, 2016, Nigerians thought it’s a usual “politician talk,” but the government fulfilled part of that promise when it released 200,000 names in the first batch of the npower applicants.

It promised to release names of another 350,000 applicants in the second batch by 2017.

Good, 2017 is here and hopes are high because the second batch has more names than the first batch.

When will Npower release second batch?

As at the time of publishing this article, npower is yet to release the second batch list of the applicants.

But the Federal Government promised last year that applicants should expect the second batch list in 2017, no specific date was given.access-npower-online-assessment-test

You’re strongly advised to steer clear of any fraudulent calls from individual who persuades you to make payment before you could make the list of the second batch.

Npower Team has made it clear that shortlisting of successful applicants in first and second batch is purely on merit. This means you don’t need to bribe anyone.

We’ll keep you updated when the npower second batch is published. It’ll be live on this platform, keep checking back, or like our social media platforms:

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