2017 BBC 100 Inspirational Women: Tiwa Salva makes list | “Don’t let being a woman hinder you”


A singer, songwriter and philanthropist, Tiwa Salvage is among the 100 inspirational and innovative women penciled down for the prestigious British Broadcasting Service (BBC) 2017.

She is seen as an integral member of the Afrobeats scene and report has it that she plans to open a music school, no one knows when the music school would kick start.

Tiwa Savage, who currently has a songwriting deal with Sony/ATV Music Publishing, graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the University of Kent, she did backup vocals for George Michael at the age of 16, and lent vocals to other musicians such as Mary J. Blige.

Other Africans who made the list are: Adelle Onyango (Kenya); Anita Nderu (Kenya); Chaima Lahsini (Morroco); Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (Liberia); Marieme Jamme (Senegal); Naomi Mwaura (Kenya); and Talent Jumo (Zimbabwe).

The selected women are said to have use their potential to tackle some of the biggest problems facing women around the world.

A BBC post says the women will be coming together in four teams, where they will share their experiences and create innovative ways to tackle below four broad challenges:

The glass ceiling – #Teamlead

Female illiteracy – #Teamread

Street harassment – #Teamgo

Sexism in sport – #Teamplay

“The names of 60 women were announced on Wednesday. The remaining 40 will be announced in October, after a series of challenges to identify them,” huffingtonpost says.

 “Don’t let being a woman hinder you”

Meanwhile, sensation of the moment Tiwa has admonished African women not to allow their gender limit them from attaining their utmost best in life.

“Don’t let being a woman hinder you, I have and still have to fight to get people to respect and appreciate my work and not limit me because I am female so this really encourages me to keep pushing and breaking boundaries. It’s true when they say your brightest moments usually come after your darkest times. Keep your head up and work hard through it. The same people laughing at you will celebrate you,’’ Savage said.

“Do not let anything hold you back because you are a mother, wife, young, older or a female. “You can never leave a footprint that will last if you are always working on tiptoes,” she said further quoting Leymar Gbowee, popular Liberian female activist. Savage also urged her fans to put God first, enjoy life, love, be a good human and do what makes you happy.