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How to apply for NEMakeathon Competition: Innovative ideas on rebuilding North-East, Nigeria


N.B: This application is better done on desktop/laptop or a smartphone with Operating System higher than 4.1 to have a better experience

What is NEMakeathon?

NEMakeathon  is North East Makeathon, which is an exciting, creative and rigorous hands-on co-creating program initiated to crowd source and support brilliant and innovative ideas that can be developed to scalable solutions to the humanitarian challenges faced by the Internally Displaced Persons and other affected persons in North East Nigeria.

It’s a collaborative effort initiated by the Office of the Vice President of Nigeria and its partners:

  1. Presidential Committee on North-East Initiative (PCNI),
  2. International; Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and
  3. American University of Nigeria.

This premiere event is set to be a great opportunity to bring together creative minds on location, working side by side in an innovation and tech hub to compete for the grand prize and most importantly, to create solutions that touch at the very heart of our social consciousness as a nation.

Challenges have been identified through consultations with NGOs and affected persons and the main areas of interest include food security, early recovery and livelihood, camp coordination and management, education, health and protection.

Participants are expected to select one field of interest amongst the challenges mentioned.

Let’s take Food Security as an example your ideas should be able to focus on these:

  • How can affordable irrigation be made accessible to farmers during the dry season?
  • What innovative measures can be implemented to reduce post-harvest losses?
  • Are there ways in which flooding of farmland can be mitigated to avoid damage to crops?
  • What innovative solutions can be used in food production and processing to add value and increase yield?
  • How can child nutrition be addressed in vulnerable populations?

The makeathon will be an intensive 2 months boot camp running from October 2017 to December 2017 with trainings, mentorship and incubation sessions to guide the 15 selected teams along their path to entrepreneurial genius through innovative ideas from conception to scale.

Phase 1: Challenge Identification

September 14-September 21, 2017

Phase 2: Idea crowd sourcing; call for applications and screening of applications

September 25-November 4, 2017

Phase 3: Co-creation of prototypes and first round of de-selection

November 12- November 24, 2017

Phase 4: User testing and refinement

December 1-December 14, 2017

Phase 5: Demo day

December-January 2018

Phase 6: Incubation

February-July 2018

Who can apply for NEMakeathon competition?


NEMakeathon competition is for the following people:

  1. An entrepreneur,
  2. an innovator,
  3. aninvestor,
  4. an inventor (creative mind),
  5. those who care strongly about social challenges and the struggle of others,
  6. those you like to be a part of something bigger than you that impact the lives of millions through innovation?

Why Participate in NEMakeathon?

If your application has the core creative ideas the government is looking for you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Receive fund money for your solution
  • Incubate your product
  • Expand your network and connections
  • Experience running a business
  • Experience the spirit of innovation, from ideation to execution
  • Have access to innovation facilities
  • Get a global exposure

How to apply for North East Makeathon Competition

Step 1:

Read the NEMakeathon goals. These are available in four languages: English Version, Hausa Version, Fulfulde Version, and Kanuri version

Step 2:

Download Makeathon Pitch document at: Download and complete the pitch document (see sample below)fill it and safe the file because you’ll be required to upload it later in the registration process.

Step 3:

Download Makeathon Pitch document at: Download and complete the CV document (see sample below)fill it and safe for later use.


Please download and complete both documents in steps 2 and 3 above because it is compulsory to upload a completed copy for each in the course of your application.

You may also get ready a short clip (2MB or less) and picture(s) (4MB or less) of your idea or innovation to support your application. This will also be requested in the course of your application but it is optional

Step 4:

Click on the registration link to fill your name, surname, create your username and password, and click on register, which will be confirmed in less than 5 seconds. You’d see successful registration on top of the form right away. You can login right away to begin your registration. Click on nemakeathon registration link

Step 5:

Begin your application process; fill all the required field. It’s in four processes. Fill and upload the documents you downloaded in steps 2 and 3 above.

Note: You can save and continue your application if you’re unable to complete in one sit. Note the token link that you need to save. You can as well fill in your email address for the token continuation link to be mailed to you. The link looks something like this:

Step 6:

When completed click on the submission botton. That’s all you will be contacted, if your pitch has the template to help rebuild the North East.

Sample of NEMakeathon Pitch template

Please download your own copy of the documents from Makeathon website


Carefully read the questions and answer in the space next to each question. Please stick to the word limit given for each question do not modify the table.




Please carefully answer ALL the questions below










How will your innovation improve the quality of life of IDPs and communities in the North East? (Maximum 200 words)




What key challenges are you anticipating (we would like to see details of implementation in terms of technology used, materials, costing, etc.) (Maximum 200 words)




How do you plan to make your solution affordable? (Maximum 100 words)





How do plan to grow your entity? (Please also mention if you plan to operate as for-profit, not-for-profit, social enterprise, etc. (Maximum 200 words)






What are the human and material resources; mentors, amenities required to execute your idea?


Sample of nemakeathon CV Template

Curriculum Vitae



  1. Name:


  1. Sex:                                      


  1. Name of Current Company/Business:          


  1. Profession:                        


  1. Nationality:                        


  1. Membership of Professional Associations/Relevant Trainings:



  1. Employment Record:


Date Job Title Organization


  1. Education:              


Date Institution Qualification


  1. Languages:


Language Speaking Reading Writing



  1. Profile / Experience:


  1. References:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone Number





I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, this bio data correctly describes myself, my qualifications, and my experience. I understand that any willful mis-statement described herein may lead to my disqualification.


Signature (Name):


Date of signing:


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