Political Observation: Restructuring in Nigerian Context

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Restructuring has dominated Nigeria’s political discuss in the last five weeks or more. Those who came up with the word wanted better governance for every Nigerian. But more definitions of the word from different strata, ethnic groups, and disgruntled political opponents have made restructuring more complicated than it’s meant to be.

I’m not going to tell you what the word meant to me, but how the agitators of restructuring have seen it.

To an unemployed Nigerian graduate, who has searched for non-existing government job, restructuring is the ability of Nigerian government to create jobs and wealth for the benefit of young individuals who crossed hurdles to bag a degree from Nigerian institution.

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To Nnamdi Kanu and Independent People of Biafra (IPOB), restructuring can only be achieved if the government granted their call for secession. The group isn’t the pioneer of such call. It’s only trying to bring to fulfillment the dream Late Chief Odumegu Ojukwu had for the land. To them, Biafra is on course, though there are contradicting territories they’re proposing to occupy if the agitation came to reality.

While some of them limit the Biafra territory to the South East, some of them believe that some South-South states should shrink into the proposed country. “If I led the first war, the second isn’t necessary,” Ojukwu says in a file video aired by the Nigeria’s Television Authority (NTA).

Also interesting is the latest declaration by MASSOB that Biafra land extends further to other parts of the country where Igbo businesses are striving, Lagos State inclusive.

Nigeria’s main opposition party, PDP, isn’t left out. Former Aviation Minister Femi Fani-Kayode, former Ogun State Governor, Gbenga Daniel; Ekiti State Governor Ayo Fayose and other PDP have gathered calling themselves elders Yorubas elders.

They seem not to have a specific definition of restructuring, though. But it’s obvious they wanted President Muhammadu Buhari to focus more on developing the Nigeria’s economy, which has been bastardized by the 16-year rule of the same PDP administration at the centre.

To them, fighting corruption is a war that can NEVER be won. The status quo must remain. The government should be hospitable to former men and women who siphoned Nigeria’s collective resources to foreign accounts.

That’s another definition of restructuring!

That’s not all. Niger Delta’s definition toes the line of resource control. It’s not their first. They want the lion share of the resources got on their soil.

While most of the agitators are the average people within the region, their leaders, who have been the king beneficiaries of proceeds from the government and the multi-nationals there, only make little noise about resource control. Whether there is resource control is in place or not, they will continue to get individual benefit from the appropriate authorities.

The average people on that soil have been mortgaged. Sadly, those who mortgaged them in return pay them penny to embark on resource control demonstrations.

With all these put together, restructuring Nigeria would create more problem than leaving it the way it is.

I hope to see a true restructured Nigeria when a sitting president pushes out any of his cabinet ministers, who have been accused of financial mismanagement, to face corruption charges.

A restructured Nigeria comes to reality when the Federal Lawmakers, State Lawmakers, and other political office holders see their positions as service to the entire Nigeria, and not an opportunity to enrich themselves and their three generations yet unborn.