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NpowerNG RLG Tablet Device Support Centres

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Last Update: September 24, 2017

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While the collection centres are different designated locations in their states where volunteers are expected to pick up their NpowerNG tablets, support centres are technical partners who are versed in device repair and maintenance.

If you discover any error or malfunctioning of your device contact any of the support partners provided by the team. Or reach out to N-powerNG on its social media channels.

Device distribution and collection has started in 16 states across the country, more states will be added in the days ahead.


This information only applies to those who chose and have collected RLG N-power Tablets

These are the Support centres for N-power RLG Tablet at this time. It’s expected that more support centres will be made available by N-power Abuja.



Support Centre location
S/N Location Name State Town Address Contact Person Contact Number
1 RLG-ADULAWO, ASSEMBLY PLANT Osun state Ilesha Bolorunduro, Ilesa-Akure Expressway, Osun State Teslim Ojomo 08105082170
2 RLG OFFICE, Maryland lagos Lagos State Lagos 2b mobolaji bank Anthony, Maryland lagos Tosin Ilesanmi 07030922222
3 RLG T C Ibadan Oyo Ibadan
4 RLG T C Ife, Oshogbo, ikere,ilarogun


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