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#VAIDS Phone Interviews with N-Tax Applicants | Solid Phone Etiquette Tips you should learn

VIADS phone interviews for N-Tax applicants
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#NTaxPhoneInterview | #PhoneEtiquettesTips

@Npower_ng the official twitter handle of N-power has confirmed that VAIDS was conducting phone interview on the N-power Tax applicants. N-Tax applicants are worried over the authenticity of new system since it began on August 22.

“Please I got a call from someone claiming to be your agent conducting a phone interview. Please how legit is it,” Abdulllatef Halima @HaliChali curiously asked @Npower_ng on twitter.

N-Tax is the newest NpowerNG programme designed to engage 7,500 young Nigerians to help the Ministry of Finance in implementing some of its tax policies across the country, though N-power conducted the online assessment for thousand of applicants for the programme.

VAIDS is acronym for Voluntary Assets and Income Declaration Scheme, which was launched by the Acting President Yemi Osinbajo on Thursday, June 29, 2017 in Abuja.

While some of the N-Tax applicants said they received email notifying them of when they’d be called, some claimed that they’re called to find out when they’d be available for physical interview.

“I never received any mail, but got a call…so don’t really know how to respond,” she says.

If VAIDS interview will be conducted for N-Tax applicants on the telephone, what exactly should you do when an unknown number calls you at this time?

N-Tax Phone etiquette you should learn

We understand that some elements are likely to take this advantage at this time, but you’d still be able to find out if the caller is genuine or not by the kind questions he/she asks. Here are the 7 TOP ADVANCED PHONE ETIQUETTES you should learn at this time:

According to advanced etiquette here are 7 solid telephone etiquette tips everyone should be displaying at all times.

  1. Always identify yourself at the beginning of all calls.

If your caller identifies himself, courtesy demands that you should also identify yourself as well

“From a cell phone, either simply say Hello, or state your name, Hello, Syndi Seid here.  Do not answer by using words such as “yeah” or “yes.”

  1. Be sensitive to the tone of your voice.

Do not sound overly anxious, aggressive or pushy. It is important your tone conveys authority and confidence.  Do not lean back in your chair when speaking on the telephone.

Tip: Sit up in your chair or stand during the conversation. When at home, use a personal tape recorder to privately record your own conversations.  You will then hear how your sound to others.

  1. Think through exactly what you plan to say and discuss BEFORE VAIDS agent call.

Tip:  Jot down the likely things you might be asked, and provide answer to them in a most concise and clear manner, since VAIDS agent has thousands of others to call.


“Plan your message to be as direct and specific as possible.”

  1. Do not allow interruptions to occur during conversations

When a call comes in, and the caller identifies himself to be VAIDS agent, move to a conducive place, “do not carry on side conversations with other people around you.”

Tip: If you must interrupt the conversation, perhaps you’re caught in a public bus, say to the person, “Please could you call me back? And tell him why he should call you back.

  1. Speak clearly and slowly.

Do not use broken phrases, slang or idioms.

  1. Always speak into the telephone receiver with an even and low tone of voice.  Especially when speaking on a cell phone out in public, be sure to monitor how loud you may be.

Tip: Move the phone ear piece just slightly away from your ear and listen to yourself speaking. Discover whether you are speaking too loudly or too quietly for the other person to hear you.

  1. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by other activities while speaking on the telephone, such as rustling papers, chewing and eating, working on the computer, or speaking with someone else.

Most importantly, do not use a hand held cell phone while driving, simply tell the caller that you’re on the wheel, if you don’t have a headset or speaker phone for the car.

Tip: Always treat every caller with the utmost courtesy and respect by giving him/her your undivided attention.

Good luck!

VAIDS will last from July 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018. To find out more visit official website of VIADS.


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