Daily Motivation for August 14, 2017: Who Says You Can’t Do It?


There are times you see that things are difficult to accomplish. I’m talking about something you’ve never tried in your entire life. Nothing can limit you from getting it done TODAY except YOU.

I try to lay my hands on at least one new thing every day. Some of the new things I tried were things I read about online and implemented.

What’s that thing that looks impossible?

Do you even know that words like impossible, can never, and difficult in our daily activities, particularly in entrepreneurship, tend to reduce the amount of efforts we put in whatever we plan to achieve?

The only limitation to man is himself, says Longfellow.

Go all out today and achieve that new thing, no matter how small it is.

Those who did it before you, those who achieved greatness did so through determination and doggedness.

You too can do it!

Opeyemi Quadri