Daily Motivation for August 13, 2017: Aggressiveness


The first thing that comes to mind when “aggressive” is mentioned is negative, being inclined in a hostile manner. No one can be rebuked for thinking in that line because that’s the primary meaning of the word.

The secondary meaning is positive, that is making all-out effort to win or succeed, vigorously energetic, and enterprising in getting things done.

We’re dealing with the secondary meaning. One of the amazing sports their fans around the world love to share and celebrate the success of their various teams is soccer. This isn’t peculiar to city dwellers, but down to the people in the villages.

In one part, we all love to celebrate success. I’ve never seen where failure is celebrated. In fact we’ve seen football players cry after losing in a final match. No matter the efforts invested in getting to the final stage, you’re not overwhelmingly celebrated if you lose.

What’s that thing you’ve been doing that gives you joy? That thing you’re never tired of. That thing that brings out the you-in-you. Be more aggressive about it. You must be all out to win. Learn from footballers who play as if they’d never play when a trophy is at stake.

Be aggressive to get thing s done, and you’d be surprised how you’d be celebrated by the World!

Be aggressive to succeed.


Opeyemi Quadri