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#NpowerTabletDevices: 10 Things You Need To Know Before Picking Up Your Tablet

By NpowerNG Solutions

You saw exactly what the N-power Team is doing behind scene on August 12, 2017, video released by the technologically-inclined initiative programme.

We watched the video, just like you did, and here are the 10 things you need to know about N-power tablets as they are on their way to the designated pick up centres.


You’ve been waiting for too long, right? The security measures put in place by N-power Team worth the wait.

You know what could have happened if actually, the FAKE collection centres that have gone viral were real?

It doesn’t matter in as much the N-power Team is also concern about your security when it’s time for you to pick up your tablet devices at various locations across the country.

Federal Government in partnership with Bank of Industry is making sure that well-secured pick-up locations are designated for you.

 Collection centres might not be published as you’ve all been anticipating. It’s for your security. We “hear say” you’d be contacted either through text message or via email.


Wherever your pick up location is, please don’t broadcast in your street or on a public bus that you’re going to collect a gadget worth well over N100, 000.

Watch out for strange messages at this time. If a message directs you by 1800 to quickly come pick up your device, please disregard such odd message at odd hours.

N-power will NEVER send you text message urging you to come pick up your tablets by 8PM

 Lagos and Abuja Volunteers to collect first

Your tablet will get to you, but you need to be a little patient because Lagos N-power beneficiaries and N-power Abuja Volunteers will be the first to pick theirs.

The launch of new projects majorly take off in major cities across the world. Stay calm, it’d get to you.

From what NpowerNg Solutions saw in the photo (see below), it complements what President aid on Job Creation Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede said in his last Facebook Live Chat.

The Tablet has installed IT training manuals from Cisco Networking Academy

Moto of Cisco is, “Building the workforce of tomorrow” so the Federal Government knows that Information Technology can make you self-reliant if you adequately make use of the teaching materials right inside the N-PowerNG Tablets.

Cisco Networking Academy is an IT skills and career building program for learning institutions and individuals worldwide. More than 5.5 million people have joined the Networking Academy and become a force for change in the global economy since 1997.

From secondary schools to universities to community organizations, more than 9000 institutions in 170+ countries offer the Networking Academy curriculum.

We urge you to make good use of the numerous computer skills installed as apps in the Tablets. Some of the FREE trainings are what you could spend thousands of naira on elsewhere or if it’s a premium online programme.

Galaxy Tab E

Samsung is one of the makers of highly powerful handheld gadgets in the world. The Yoruba will say, “Eni ti angbe iyawo bo waba kin garun”. Simply put…a groom shouldn’t be over anxious about the bribe.

Samsung Tab E, according to naijatechguide ranges between N103, 000 to N205, 000.

This tablet has the most efficient networking connection. Yes! If you’ve picked another device, no worry, you can’t get everything you need in a single gadget.

AfriOne 2-in-1 is another tablet you can trust

Techno Tablets

While the available Techno Tablets might not be enough to go round, NpowerNG Solutions can confirm to you that some of you would still get Techno.

It’s such a great tablets too. Please don’t fall for any fake news as far as this gadget is concerned, whenever you hear rumour about N-power devices, login to your NPVN Portal to check Whatz up!

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N-power Pick Up location Centres

While it’s unofficial, NpowerNG Solutions can also confirm to you that Ogba, Lagos, Abuja International Airports, and Gwadalada, also in Abuja are among the collection centres. We may not be able to tell you the exact place at the moment.

Definitely, you’d be contacted.


All the device tablets that already have installed applications and APK and the useful materials are already on their way to those location centres. We can confirm that.

“As we achieve the quality you desire, we’re packaging all devices for shipping and every volunteer would definitely be contacted on where, when to pick up their device for the next step.”—N-power Apps configuration supervisor says.

Watch out, before the end of this week.

Repair and servicing of N-power Tablets

The tablets have passed through various testing stages, and are certified to give you the USER EXPERIENCE you been waiting for.

 “Every single device is tagged to a single volunteer, so we need to take our time to verify, check and make sure that all Apps are working properly. So that it won’t get to the volunteer and start misbehaving.

As the supervisor, I make sure I verify every application on a single tab. Because every single Tab represents a single volunteer, which they need to use in carrying out their daily activities for this N-power Programme.”

While engineers work tirelessly to make things perfect, anything machine might act funny even after several technical certifications.

That may happen in the course of transit. It does happen.

If you found yourself in this kind of situation, we urge you to immediately contact the support centres, or reach out to N-power on its social media channels.

Don’t turn to a day-engineer on N-power Tablets.

One year free Internet Connection

Most of the courses on the N-power Tablets are offline. That’s you can access them when you’re not connected to the internet.

But in one of the articles online it’s confirmed that your device comes with 12-month free data. Surf the internet.

Use your data to make a living online, yes, a lot of things you can do online to have another stream of passive income. Commenting on Facebook posts that won’t add value to your life would be a total waste of time.

Monetise your passion etc. These Five Questions Will Help You Turn Your Passion Into Profit