Daily Motivation for August 12, 2017: Why You Shouldn’t Give Up


Daily Motivation: Don’t Give Up

In today’s motivation I’m going to share a personal story with you.

Recently, I was pushing for something that’d totally change the story of my life. But each time I make move I get turned back by one challenge or the other. I never gave up.

What I did?

I would go back home, take a moment to review my steps, and the approaches I took earlier for me to know where things were going wrong. But each moment I also discovered that the steps I took were just perfect. But why am I not getting the desired result?

I said to myself, “Keep trying”

I tried more and more using different approach, and I got what I had been yearning for.

While there is perfect time for perfect things to happen in our lives, pushing on, determination can only make the perfect things to manifest.

Why you mustn’t give up

Giving up means that our previous efforts are wasted, what do you think could have happened if I had given up? My previous efforts would be wasted.

Do you know that you are just a step away from success? Giving up isn’t the solution. In fact giving up would make you look terrible, and feel worse about yourself.

You’re almost there, push a little further!