How to Correctly Use Hashtags on Twitter to Boost Website Traffic

boosting site traffic with twitter hashtag

Case study: #NpowerNig on NpowerNG Solutions

A few advantages of using hashtags (#) on social media are to get more likes and get real targeted followers from around the world.

We all use twitter hashtags for different purposes. While some only use it because they see people using it, publishers and webmasters use it to drive traffic to their website to possibly get more leads.

But there is more to hashtags when it comes to twitter.

What is hashtag?boosting site traffic with twitter hashtag

A hashtag is a keyword used to describe a topic or a theme in your tweets. Let’s use our case study as an example: #NpowerNig, Npower Tablet Devices could also be hashtagged.

Let’s quickly analyse the two:

#NpowerNig is a keyword

#NpowerTabletDevices is broad and specific and possibly come up on search engine easily and drives traffic to your website than #NpowerNig

Using hashtag on twitter

People use the symbol # before a relevant keyword or phrase in their tweet to categorise those tweets and help them show more easily in not just twitter search, but in search engine generally (we’re discussing more on this later in this post).

Clicking on a hashtaged word in any tweet shows other tweets that use the same keyword or phrase that include the hashtag.

How to use hashtag on twitter

To create a hashtag put the symbol # before a keyword or phrase you’re targeting without a space between the hashtag and the word.

Let’s take NpowerTabletDevices as an example

# NpowerTabletDevices (wrong)

#NpowerTabletDevices (right)

#Npower Tablet Devices (wrong) because your target keyword shouldn’t have space, in this case hashtagged Npower get noticed leaving out other words.

With the merits of using hashtag in your tweets, still you’re limited to a 140-word per tweet on the microbloging social network, so how can you effectively use # to boost traffic to your website.

How to use twitter hashtag to boost site traffichashtag traffic

Hashtag any trending news or event in your tweet, and also use the exact # in your post on your blog, there’ll always be link between the two since they’re the same. And Google or any other search engine will reference you for it. But don’t include # in your post url.

You can edit your post URL before publishing so that it doesn’t carry the hashtag.

At the time of putting this together, it’s not in twitter’s policies that you’re limited to number of time a particular hashtag can appear in your account, so stick with the keyword you’re targeting and use it in tweet related to it.

For instance, our blog NpowerNG Solutions (a dedicated blog for job initiative programme of Nigerian government) started the #NpowerNig on twitter (and even on Facebook) and it has given us loads of traffic from both social media. That’s one of the powers of using hashtag.

As a rule (not a violation of Twitter policy) don’t crowd a tweet with hashtags, it’ll give you lesser space for your message to be passed across. Let your tweet has a message, and possibly include a link to your site for those who want more information about the message you’re trying to pass across.

I’ve seen a quite number of tweets with only hashtagged keyword alone. Fine twitter may reference you, or your tweets might come up on the search engine, but anyone who clicks on it without the relevant information he needs would be disappointed. That’s spam! Avoid it.

“Make sure your tweets and hashtags have context if you want to impress your followers,” says Elise Moreau of lifewire

Don’t use a confusing hashtag. Be specific so that the wrong people don’t continuously land on your page. For instance, Npower is a UK-based power generating firm, while N-power is a job initiative programme in Nigeria, in our own case we opt for #NpowerNig instead of using either  #N-power which doesn’t follow the trick of a hashtag.

And you know why #NpowerNig has been effective?hashtag traffic

NpowerNG is also another popular search that comes up on search, so #NpowerNig was also getting a relatively number of traffic back to the blog as you can see in the photo.

Today, traffic to NpowerNG Solutions (with the domain name has grown fairly within a short period it’s launched.

While you might want to use the same Hashtag Traffic Method, it’s very important to know the best practices

Twitter hashtag best practicesboosting site traffic with twitter hashtag

  1. Use a Lot of Hashtags

Twitter doesn’t specify the number of hashtags per tweet, but it’s important you don’t use many of it in a tweet. Let your tweet pass a message.

You can reword your message again using the same hashtag again. It’s better that way than to populate a tweet with the same hashtag severally.

  1. Create Original Hashtags

Create unique hashtag and stick with it. In our case, before we started using NpowerNig on tweeter, we did a search, but got zero results, and a few suggested results.

  1. Include Hashtags in Comments and Replies

Any hashtagged keywords in your comments and replies give your tweets more visibility in results.

  1. Make your hashtag relevant

If you’re tweeting about how to overcome depression, then hashtagging  politics makes it irrelevant.

  1. Don’t hashtag the word already in your tweet

Check these samples:

Which one would you pick between the two tweets below?

  1. “10 Motivational Speeches that will reshape you. #motivation”
  2. “10 #MotivationalSpeeches that will reshape you.”

I’d go with the second because it’s broad and more specific. It’d still come up for searches related to motivations.

Of course you can’t begin to see result immediately, it takes a little while, commitment, and creativity.

Things keep changing, as you play around with hashtags, keep track of which ones produce the best results for your tweets and build a strategy around them to get the best result that’d complement your site traffic.