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N-Teach Test: Four Major Reasons Why You’re Unable to Login

N-Teach Test Link:https://apply.npower.gov.ng/n-power-teach-test/login/index.php

Yesterday, August 8, 2017, N-Power directed that N-power Teach applicants should login to the N-Teach Test Portal to check when they are to write their test.

Expectedly, some N-Teach applicants couldn’t figure out how to go about the instruction, and we published an article on how to check schedule for your online assessment test.

“If you registered for N-Teach and your BVN records match your application, please log in with your BVN and phone number to see when you are scheduled to write your assessment test,” N-power tweeted in a photo message,”

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Some of you got it right, unfortunately, some didn’t due to one reason or the other, below are the major reasons why you’ve not been able to login to N-power Teach Test Portal:

Photo source: NpowerNG Solutions

1.If you’re trying to use sub-standard browser that doesn’t have the capability to load a heavy form, you might not be able to access the N-powerNG portal to check the date of your assessment .

  1. If your BVN doesn’t match, you won’t be able to login. If you find yourself in this category, then your N-power 2017 application process has come to an end.
  2. Originally, (according to the last “Updated Time Table) those writing test now were scheduled for August 2-August 16, but due to the huge number of applications N-power received for N-Teach, the team had to restrategise on how to hitch-free test period.
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Technically, until said otherwise by N-power, you might fall in the category of applicants whose applications were between July 15-July 27. Then these category of people were scheduled for August 17-August 31.

  1. Your inability might be you didn’t fall under August 2-August 16 previous schedule.

So be patient.

We’ll keep updating.

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