Daily Homily for August 8, 2017: Create a Pure Heart for Me, O Lord by Fr. Abu

Our readings today are packed full with a lot of lessons for us ranging from showing respect to God’s servants to having deep faith in God especially in times of crises and the need for us to constantly ask forgiveness of our shortcomings as well as for those who offend us.

In the first reading, Moses’ sister Miriam, the same girl who watched the baby Moses when his mother put him in a basket, who had suggested to Pharaoh’s daughter about what to do with the child spoke certain uncharitable words against Moses.

This encounter is one that teaches us to be careful of the kinds of things we say against God’s anointed servants. Mariam and Aaron must have fallen into the trap of over-familiarity. This is another pitfall we must avoid.

Each time we sit down to talk with our friends, family members or colleagues, we must be careful to avoid gossiping. We gain nothing by running others down because by so doing, we run ourselves down. Great minds discuss ideas but little minds discuss people.

At the end of the day, it was the same Moses who cried to God on behalf of Miriam for forgiveness. When we get to hear that others have spoken badly about us, how do we react? Do we pray for God to punish them? It takes a pure heart to forgive rather than take delight in the sufferings of others.

After feeding the multitude, Jesus eventually gets the quiet time he was looking for and he went to a quiet place to pray. The disciples were in danger due to the bad weather and Jesus decided to come to them walking on water. This scenario teaches us that God never abandons us when the waves of life are against us.

When the chips are down, when we are confused, dejected and alone, when our plans fail woefully, when we are let down, overcome by fear, worry and anxiety, let us always picture the scenario of Jesus walking on water. No matter how tough life may be, no situation is greater than God. In fact, God walks on top of our crises and he says to us: “FEAR NOT, IT IS I.”

Peter looked at the waves and started sinking. We must never take our eyes away from God when we are in crises. We should avoid the mistake of allowing our minds become overwhelmed by the situation of things around us. Focus on the Power of God, not on your enormity of your problems. Again this requires a pure heart.

Today we celebrate the life of Saint Dominic, an outstanding preacher. Born in old Castile, Spain, he was trained for the priesthood by a priest-uncle, studied the arts and theology, and became a canon of the cathedral at Osma. Dominic fought against heresy in the church by preaching God’s word to the poor people. His fellow preachers gradually became a community, and in 1215 he founded a religious house at Toulouse, the beginning of the Order of Preachers (Dominicans.)

Let us pray: Lord Jesus, create in me a pure heart and renew your spirit within me. Amen.

St. Dominic, pray for us

Be Happy. Live Positive. Have Faith. It is well with you. God bless you. (Tuesday of the 18th week in Ordinary time. Bible Study: Numbers 12:1-13 and Matthew 14:22-36).


Fr. Abu