Surfwella: How to enjoy Free Internet Connection | Free Wi-Fi in Nigeria

With Surfwella, you can browse the Internet for free when you are not at home using any of your devices.

300,000 access points provide a real wireless and high-speed Internet connection.

Over 50,000 enthusiastic customers are already using Surfwella today.

How to enjoy Surfwella Free Internet Connection | Free Wi-Fi in Nigeria

Trending right now is the promise made by Surfwella, a tech firm that allows you to browse the internet for free, that it’d be making free internet connection available (Free Wi-Fi) in four Nigerian campuses.

Before you enjoy this Free Internet Access make sure these details are ready:

  1. Picture of your ID
  2. Selfie of you holding your ID
  3. Picture of your utility bill

List of first batch of Nigerian Universities shortlisted for FREE Wi-Fi are:

University of Abuja-1st

Lagos State University-2nd

College of Agric, Lafiaji-3rd

University of Lagos-4th

The Chief Marketing Officer of Surfwella Olusola Bankole said that the firm plans to make the free Wi-Fi facility available in all university campuses in Nigeria.

Good news!

You don’t need to intercept Wi-Fi data again. This is because the Free Wi-Fi facility isn’t available only to the selected campuses. You too can begin to enjoy Free Internet Connection with Surfwella.

You don’t need to download Wi-Fi snooping software anymore by following these easy to follow steps on how to connect with Surfwella Wi-Fi to browse for free.

How to connect with Surfwella Free Wi-Fi Internet Service

Step 1:

Enter the surfwella URL into your favourite browser:

Step 2:

Click on create account

Step 3

Fill the required information about you: first name, last name, email address, birthday, gender, phone number, password, confirm password.

Click on register

Step 4:

By clicking on REGISTER, you’d see a welcome message on your screen.

Click on “Update Your Profile.

Step 5

Other info about is automatically filled, however you’ll have to re-enter your phone number.

Step 6

The step above takes you to KYC Profile

What is KYC?

KYC is an acronym for Know your customer. It’s the process of a business identifying and verifying the identity of its clients. The term is also used to refer to the bank and anti-money laundering regulations which governs these activities.” Wikipedia

So, select your address, your state of residence, your city, marital status, occupation etc.

Step 7

Upload your recognized Identify Card and click on upload

Upload selfie of you holding your ID and click on upload

Upload your utility bill and click on upload

Step 8

Tick the box to accept Surfwella Terms and conditions. And click on Save and Continue. Follow other instructions on how to use key/password to enjoy surfwella Free Internet Facility.

What Does WiFi Stand For?

“There are a number of theories about what the term means, but the most widely accepted definition for the term in the tech community is Wireless Fidelity.”

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