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Transcribed Version: August 2 Facebook Live Chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede | What Happens To Volunteers After N-Power Job | Vol. 1

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August 2 Facebook Live Chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede: Volume Full Transcript

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Job Creation, Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede, Wednesday, August 2, 2017 was live again on Facebook to address some of the issues bothering on N-power Programme.

Some of the issues he talks about in the 53minutes 7secs Facekook Video include

Business Opportunities Existing N-Power Beneficiaries can invest in

The concept of It Take A Village

N-Power As A Learning Platform

What Happens After N-Power Programmes

N-Power Deveices etc.

This is Afolabi’s second Facebook Live Chat less than a month. It’d be recalled that he was live on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 to address N-power 2016, and N-power 2017 Recruitment exercise

You can read Full Transcript of Facebook Live Video with Afolabi here below if you below any of them

VOL.9: 2017 Application Process | Transcribed Facebook Live Chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede



Commendation message from Afolabi

How’re you doing? This is Afolabi Imoukhuede again, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Job Creation.

It’s my pleasure again to be here this evening as always to keep you all engaged and to get into your conversation and to know what’s going on with you, what’s going on out there.

How are you all doing in different parts of the country:

North East are you there? Say YES

North Central

North West

South South

South West

South East

It’s my privilege to be here as always just to discuss N-power, and say thank you to all of you that we met on the field in the 18 states that we visited since the month of April. You memory would remain for a life time.

Thank you for the many gifts that we got from you: from the fried fish to the ijebu garri from you guys who have extended their one good will or the other.

States that we’re yet to visit

For the states we’re yet to visit, stay tuned. Later in the year we’d make a stop.

Making Impact During Holiday period

Briefly I want to speak about the holiday.

It’s holiday. For N-Health and N-Agro it’s not holiday, but for those of you in N-Teach I know it’s holiday.

It’s been a long hard work in the last few months working with pupils, students. In the last few months working with them to ensure that you had their script marked, and they’re able to get their result on time.

I must commend some of you. I did see a post where some of you were actually taking it to the next level : digitizing the result of your students that they could actually get their results via email. That’s really what N-power is about. That’s the story of N-power.

It’s really about you giving back to your community, even though your community also gives back to you. It’s about you giving back to your nation, even though your nation givens back to you.

I commend all the good stories that you continue to send in. Remember the #MuchMore campaign. It’s on, very much on. We want you to impact and send us your impact stories.

However, for those of you who are now in holiday, you should know that it’s really not an holiday for you. You’re still going to get paid right? What we expect you to do is…lemme recall a proverb: It takes a village…it’s not African proverb, I think it’s gone global now. Hillary Clinton has also written a book It Takes A Village

Concept of It Takes A Village in Relation to N-Power

The whole concept of It Takes A Village is about wholesomeness, it’s about coming together. About hand shake, when you watch your hand you’ve got to use both in order to watch your hands thoroughly.

That’s what I want to admonish my fellow volunteers, who are currently in the N-Teach Programme. Please don’t look at this period that schools are closed to see it as time to now sleep longer hours, or just to spend your time to watch movies you perhaps didn’t get to watch during school time.

Lemme encourage you to use this period to really focus on what can you do , what can you give back.

When I talk about I takes a village, I’m not really talking to the N-Teach alone, I need us to be really collective. Put your hands together, work in your community. What can you give back to your community? Some of you can put together extracurricular activities for your pupils that you noticed that are weak in English, Mathematics, weak in their sciences, Geography…or weak in some general subjects…you can use this time to put lessons for them.

Sport Club

Some of you may just form some sports club. Think about what you can do and how you can impact your community. That’s what I really want us to use holiday period for.

Some of your schools have put together summer camps, youth camps, and teenage camps, please volunteer of your time. If there is programme going on in your community, please volunteer your time and do something, and I’d really want to get your report.

Let’s get your report about what it is you’ve done with your time.

I’ve always said to us remember that N-power programme is really putting your future in your hands. I think no one should be more desirous of taking their future in their hands more than you yourself.

All of these volunteer hours that you raked in, all of these impactful opportunities you make in your community can’t minus from you. It’s only going to add to you.

Let’s begin to actualize the new Nigeria that we all dream about. Lets close our eyes and actualize the new Nigeria we desire. And act it out in your community, not just individually, but also come together: five of you, four of you in a school, in different schools, in N-Agro Team.

This is the time…form clusters. Some of you in the N-Teach for instance, this is the time for you form cluster with some of your colleagues in N-Agro to farm. Go help the community farmers in your various communities.

I’m convinced that if we really imbibe the message #ItTakesAVillage you’re all smart men and women and clearly you’d be able to do something beneficial to you and to your community as we progress.

What Happens After N-Power Programmes

In line with this as well, it’s important to begin to think what happens post-24 months.

We’ve always talked about and as always admonish some of you at various interactive meeting you basically want to count backwards. This is the month of August now, 9th month of the programme, literally means you have 15 months left in N-power.

The message I want to pass across to you this time is: This is the time when you also want to harness certain skills competency. This is the time when you want to begin explore the material you acquired from the learning portal: Entrepreneurship opportunities you could do.

This is the time to use some of your savings from stipend to begin to ask: how do you utilize these ideas, is it bead making? And other handicraft you can pick up during the holiday. Some of you might want to go into retailing…it could be retailing jewelries, retailing phone accessories. And I’ve seen some of you that have taken up agriculture.

Emannuel in Jos has taken up agriculture and he’s N-Teach and he’s invested in poultry farm that he showed us while we’re there, and also some of his crop farms as well.

So, a lot of you can consider fish farm, having a pond d behind your house…two, three , four of you could form mini-cooperative and invest in fish farming.

Food and vegetables that something a lot of you can look at. And other opportunities that are in Agro space…whether is livestock, processing , processing is also an area you may want to look into.

Investment is also an area you may want to look into…clothing for men and women, saloon for men and women, pedicure, manicure, care giver, even something like dry cleaning services…a lot of opportunities.

I just want to implore you let’s begin to utilize this time of your active period to also think of what you can do, what can begin to bring in additional income for you, that can begin to be exit pointer for you post-24months.

August 2 Facebook Live Chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede: Volume Full Transcript

Business Opportunities Existing N-Power Beneficiaries can invest in

The concept of It Take A Village

N-Power As A Learning Platform

What Happens After N-Power Programmes

N-Power Deveices etc.

Will Volunteers Be Employed After 24-month?

It’s been a concern everywhere. A lot of our partner states are waking up to that reality considering you as needful investment that have been invested on in the last 24 months and such you’d be worthy of employment after 24 months.

That’s the reason why I must enjoy you to be dutiful..Kogi State governor mentioned it, Edo State government and a few other state governments promised that they would be extending offers to some of you who really excel in either of your area whether N-Teach, N-Health, N-Agro post your 24 months.

Read some of the business ideas Mr. Afolabi has for you here…

Please lemme admonish you again that take your work seriously. N-Power is about learning, learn online, learn offline, learn on the street, learn from your mentors, learn from the old farmers, continue to learn, it’s all about learning. Continue learning that’s what N-power is about.

Learning of course, I also have a sample of your device here. Thought there a bit of delay in getting your devices across to you, I’ll speak to that in a few minutes.

A lot of learning that are in here (the device), I’ll be taking some sections soon and explore all the materials that in your device.

Don’t wait until you get the device; continue to learn.


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