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Best Npower Tablet Device In Terms of Battery Strength: Floss Signatures Tablet-PC

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Using Battery Strength as a Selection Criterion for Npower Tablet Devices

Using battery strength  as Selection Guide for Npower Tablet Device

  1. Floss Signatures 7hrs30mins
  2. AfriOne iPad 5hrs20mins
  3. Samsung Tab 5hrs
  4. Zinox Zpad 4hrs
  5. RLG Npower Tabler 5hours 20mins

Note: * means star rating

Floss Signatures Tablets-*****
AfriOne iPad -****
RLG -****
Zinox Zpad Tablet -**

We all have preferences when selecting or buying gadgets: tablet, phone, laptop, smartwatch, mp3 etc.

We’ll be looking at battery capacity, battery life if you like, of the 5 Tablet devices available for 2017 applicants to choose from.

The devices are:
1) AfriOne iPad Tablet

2) Samsung Tablet

3) Zinox Zpad Tablet

4) RLG Tablet

5) Floss Signatures Tablet-pc

You might have seen something like this mAH in front of the battery digits.

CHECK them out :

1) AfriOne Tablet -5400mAH
2) Samsung pad-5000mAH 
3) RLG TABLET -5400mAH
4) Zinox Zpad Tablet -4000mAH
5) Floss Signatures Tablet-7500mAH

The figure calculated by mAH determines the hours you will be able to spend browsing.

What is mAH in relation to Tablet phone battery?

Let’s break it down

m means Milli 
A means Ampere 
H means Hour

But it’s written Milliampere per hour

Why is the middle letter (A) capitalized?

“The A is capitalized because, under the International System of Units, “ampere” is always represented with a capital A.

The term mAh is an abbreviation for “milliampere hour,” and it’s a way to express the electrical capacity of smaller batteries.

With larger batteries, like car batteries, we usually use ampere hours, or Ah.”—John Dyne of Android Authoritysays.

HOW to know HOW long my Tablet battery will last using mAH?


“There are 1000 mAh in a single Ah. mAh is calculated by multiplying the amount of time the battery lasts by the amperes of the discharge current.

If you have a battery and you don’t know what it’s capacity it is, all you have to do is hook it up to supply a 1000 mA discharge and see how long it lasts.

If it lasts an hour, hey, you’ve got a 1000mAh battery.

IF it lasts 7 and a half hours, well then you’re holding a 7500mAh battery.

1) HOW long will AfriOne Tablet battery last?

Don’t forget that AfriOne Pad has 5400mAH ,it means it’ll last for 5hours, 20minutes

2) HOW long will Samsung Pad battery last?

With 5000mAH, it means this device will last for 5hours.

3) For HOW long will RLG Tablet battery last?

With 5,400mAH, this device battery can last for 5 hours 20 minutes

4) HOW long will Zinox Zpad battery last?

With 4000mAH, it’ll last for 4hours.

5) HOW long will Floss Signatures Tablet battery last?

This is a 5-star rating (*****) in terms of battery.

With 7,500mAH, you can be surfing or chatting on WhatsApp for 7 hours, 30 minutes. That’s huge!

The above duration you can stay online with your Tablet also depends on a number of factors:

-number of apps you are running concurrently
-screen display duration
-backlight brightness
-HOW savvy and addicted you’re on Tablet.

For instance, I could be  online, pressing my phone, from morning till night, if I’m not with family or doing other things. Sounds weird! Yeah, my device has to pass battery test!


Don’t worry if you’ve selected a device, which battery lasts for 4hours.

You can possibly make it last than someone who chose above 5hours battery strength.

“In real life, discharge rates vary not only from device to device, but also user to user.”—John Dyne

1) Close unused apps
If you have five or more applications running concurrently running on your device, then your battery might run down on time. There are lots of applications that are unstoppable on android devices, running more unused apps means more pressure on your device battery.

Close any unused apps.

2) Regulate brightness of screen

“How efficiently your smartphone manages its battery power plays a role, but so too does the amount of active screen time you typically experience as well as how resource-hungry your apps are.”—Android Authority

To maximize your battery, Click on Settings>Display>Click on Brightness to red set it to your preferred choice.

3) Off your data when you’re not doing anything online

Internet connection is one of battery-eating factor. When you’re busy doing other necessary task, you can put off your data temporarily.

4) Check apps running under
5) If you like game close it when you’re not playing it.


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