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N-powerNG 2016 Batch Waiting List and Redeployment | Vol. 6: Transcribed July 12 Facebook Video Live Chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede

The Senior Special Assistant to the president on Job Creation, Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede, on July 12, 2017 had live Facebook chat with existing volunteers and the new applicants.

This is volume 6 of the chat, where Mr. Afolabi speaks on Npower 2016 Waiting List and Redeployment Issue

N-powerNG 2016 Batch Waiting List and Redeployment | Vol. 6: Transcribed July 12 Facebook Video Live Chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede

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 Npower 2016 Waiting List

Now some of you obviously have received SMS regards selection from 2016 waiting list before discarding the waiting list. As a result of those absent from physical verification and also disqualified, it goes without saying that we have got a few slots across states and so what we did because again every state had a waiting list even at the point of when we pre-selected and deployed you all to the states end of November, early December 2016.

Now those of you who have received SMS’s to say “Congratulations you have now been selected from the 2016 waiting list, stay tuned , we would ….” the Text message did say that that we will communicate further details on your physical verification and onboarding to you later , so just stay tuned. We haven’t forgotten you, most likely , we would onboard you with your next colleagues that are coming in but stay tuned and we will let you know when you will be fully activated .

Npower Redeployment Clarification

Now, I think the last question that I have seen here before I come to speak about 2017 application is re-deployment. Now, redeployment is a bit of a tricky issue and the short answer to that question is that there is no redeployment in Npower.This is Not NYSC where you all seek re-deployment and sometimes NYSC will be able to oblige you. The difference between NPower and NYSC is that we are deploying you based on your state of residence.

Remember that in N-Power, the power of choice was very much at play in Npower. First of all, it was your choice which tracks you wanted to go , whether you wanted a graduate track or you wanted a non-graduate track, now that’s one choice , the second choice is a graduate track you had 4 tracks at the time when you were applying ,Teach, Health, Agric, and community, even though we’ve embedded community now to teach , you had 4 tracks to pick from.

We did not select based on your suitability for any track and so I’ve found my friends like Musa in Bauchi who ideally should be in N-Power Health because he’s a Microbiology graduate, but he’s in N-Agro and such was the power of choice. And the next choice you also had was where you wanted to serve your community, we clearly said we will be deploying based on your states of residence, so I expect you if you’re living in Abuja to have put in Abuja and if we deployed you to work in Abuja then there should be no issue why you’re seeking redeployment to go somewhere else and so the short answer really is that we don’t have the built in mechanisms for redeployment (in N-power programme)

N-power Erroneous Deployment

However, there were cases where some of you , yes some of you , I’m fully aware that in the early days especially in December, there were cases of erroneous deployment due to similarities on Local Governments , a few local governments in multiple states and we had a few of those issues , so there were some genuine error in posting ,those we took note of and we collated all such errors across the state and those ones we will redeploy.

And I think that collation has been long done and we are just waiting for perhaps the end of school session, end of this month, then we will be able to notify the affected volunteers in that category so that they would move to where they really ought to be before the next school session, so that’s the only category really that we have for redeployment and the reason I’m saying this is I don’t want a situation where I say to you that there is no re-deployment and then you hear one or two of your friends who you used to know in your state moved to another state .

So yes, we did have some of those erroneous, very few, but then again, those are really the reasons why the old topic of re-deployment came up, but there’s really no re-deployment. But just like I said again yesterday ,we would however , because life is not a perfect ball and we don’t run an idealistic world, we run a real world ,there would be extraneous reasons , but we would like to consider that on a case-by-case basis , only on extraneous reasons ,but please know this and tell your friends that N-Power has no re-deployment .

We believe first and foremost that N-power job is a temporary employability program for you, we believe you want to put in as many hours as possible to gain all the experience you’ve not had in the last many years that you’ve been unemployed, and beyond that, the truth is any reason for re-deployment really should be an economic advantage that should take you out of Npower.

I mean if you got your Phd admission or your masters admission that is in another school outside your state of residence or where you are currently employed , that’s a plus in life that is worthy of resigning from Npower , if you get married for example and your husband wants you to move, that’s another plus in life that we believe is worthy of you also exiting the program , so really, we would only consider extraneous reasons on a case-by-case basis , but please, the short answer again is that there is no redeployment In Npower .