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N-powerNG Device Selection | Vol. 5: Transcribed July 12 Facebook Video Live Chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede

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N-powerNG Device Selection | Vol. 5: Transcribed July 12 Facebook Video Live Chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede

The Senior Special Assistant to the president on Job Creation, Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede, on July 12, 2017 had live Facebook chat with existing volunteers and the new applicants.

This is volume 5 of the chat, where Mr. Afolabi speaks on the issue of Npower Tablet Device Selection for 2016 Applicants

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Device Selection

Now, closely related to NPOWERNG PAYMENT is device selection, now Device selection is such that you must first and foremost understand that the Federal Government of Nigeria entered into an asset finance agreement with the Bank of Industry, to provide you these devices that will serve both as your work tool and also as your training tool on an asset finance basis, and it’s also not news to you that the federal government extended an additional 4500 naira device credit to you to ensure that any device that you pick will have almost no impact, minimal or zero impact to your regular 30,000 stipend.

And those of you who have selected know that 8 vendors were initially preapproved by BOI, from which you all made your selection, sorry 9 vendors were preapproved, along the line HP dropped off and we had those of you who had selected HP were asked to go and reselect among a few other devices.

Now so that’s how the device works but then selection is only open to those who have no payment issues. So right now what it means therefore is that only those 163,500 volunteers who are hitherto NIBSS verified or validation are able to select devices. Because it’s an asset finance we need to ensure that only those that we have been able to successfully pay are also able to pick devices.

Option to select my device isn’t available in my NPVN Portal

So those of you still struggling with your account details, my news to you is still stay patient, lets sort out your payment issues, once your payment issues are resolved, you don’t need to do anything, automatically your account will be profiled to be able to select device.

Batch A Device Selection

Now you’ve heard us talk about device selection there’s a batch A and batch B.

Batch A is for those of you who were able to select your devices on or before march 27, 2017 there are about 116,39 of you that were able to make that selection. These are the ones that are in batch A and the schedule of delivery by your selected vendors have also been made public and we will continue to update this information once the portal closes tomorrow at 23;59 hrs. After that we will put a lot more emphasis on the devices so that you are fully aware of the vendors timetable and also when the devices will get to your location. We will also send you SMS for your pick up location, you will be notified of your pick up location.

Batch B Npower Device Selection

Those of you who are in Batch B meaning that you selected your device any day from march 28 up on till perhaps yesterday because as your payment issue gets resolved we profile you to select your device. All of you in Batch B, will need to be little more patient because we have not even ordered your devices yet. You should know that we just don’t go to the market to buy these devices, the Bank Of Industry has to order it through the vendors.

As such we are hoping again that once we are able to sort out all of you still having outstanding payment issues this month of July , towards the end of July we are able to collate all of you that are in the batch B , and then the BANK OF INDUSTRY will be able to place the orders and we then can keep you updated .But stay focused, stay patient, the batch A would get more information and then they would be able to start picking their devices.