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Vol. 4: Transcribed July 12 Facebook Video Live Chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede | N-powerNG Backlog Payment Clarification

The Senior Special Assistant to the president on Job Creation, Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede, on July 12, 2017 had live Facebook chat with existing volunteers and the new applicants.

This is volume 4 of the chat, where Mr. Afolabi speaks on the issue of backlog payment: who is qualified for backlogs, and who is not.

Vol. 4: Transcribed July 12 Facebook Video Live Chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede | N-powerNG Backlog Payment Clarification

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Backlog Payment

That’s another popular question, so for those of you that have been getting payment, we would before the end of July at least those of you who’ve been getting payment since March, since April, since May we will clearly process as many backlogs as possible.

And I have good news for you before the end of July, a lot of you that have been asking about your backlogs, you will get your backlog payment, but let me clarify however, for December, that’s another funny question a lot of you get to ask me.

N-power December Backlog Payment

December is a peculiar month. It was a month when we started to pay and the criteria for payment is for those who have been physically verified and their names got to us before December 31st 2016.

Remember not all of you again were verified at the same time. A lot of those that are qualified for December, already received their December payment and some of you also are qualified but had bank account payment issues, you will get your December as part of your backlog but not everyone of you will get December, I think it’s important that I clarify that and make that clear.

How to end Issue of Payment in N-powerNG

Now what are we doing to ensure that this whole issue of payment comes to an end, I’ve already said to you that if you fall in the category of about 19,000 of you that were either absent from verification, or were disqualified, you are not in our payment environment.

How to know where you belong in terms of payment

Now how would you know which category you fall, of course if you were absent you will know you were absent, now if were disqualified you would have been told, but just in case you are not sure, anytime from Monday next week (July 17) we have the commitment of our technical team to ensure that they would have uploaded your status on the NPVN so that you can cross check to know which category you fall under.

Complete Analysis of Paid, unpaid N-power Volunteers

The 180,606 of you that are valid, for which 163500 of you has received at least one payment, and guess what, that number would have also gone up, because a lot more of you would have also received your June stipend as your first payment. We are just reconciling the payment report for that now, but I know a lot more of you would have received your June stipend as your first payment. Now all of you in that category between that number and the 180606, we’ve got about 11540 that we are still working to sort out all of your payment issues, so right now, of that number we have about 6000 of you that have already gone into the payment environment.

As I speak to you today, we have supplementary payment that is currently ongoing right now for the month of June, so we’ve got a total of about 7000 thereabout that will receive payment from tomorrow through to perhaps end of next week (end of July 17 week). Some of you will begin to receive your payment and perhaps it will also be your first payment. So that’s about 7000 of you that will now be left with about 5000 of you.

Of those 5000 that are left, we don’t have account records for you, so specifically there are 4979 of you that on your NPVN Portal you are even inactive and we also don’t have account records for you. So I’m sure this category are clearly not even in the program at all, and then there are about 587 of you that you are active on the portal, in other words you have come, you’ve been on boarded on the portal but we don’t have account records for you, so but for as many of you that have been updating your bank details through the email support@npvn.desk-mail.comor through the focal persons or through the various channels that we have provided you, I’m sure a lot of you as well have also been receiving calls from our call center, we are working tediously to ensure that in this month of July every one of you that is qualified for payment, we will be able to sort out your issues.

N-power Volunteers Who Will Be Exited

However, let me also please mention, if after all of these, after 8 months of been in the program and done everything that we could, to assist you and we still cannot pay you, I’m sorry we will have no choice but to exit you from the program. I mean there’s still a few of you that as at last week Friday we found out that your BVN is still zero name match, meaning your name on the portal have no match to your BVN records, some of you have just one name match, some of you have used your spouse’s BVN despite we telling you several times that we will not make payment to proxies.

So I think we will do our best to clean up this whole issue about payment or no payment but then, once we do all that we can and if you still can’t get payment by end of July, we will communicate our final decision to you on that.

I hope that I have attempted to answer all of your questions around payment.


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