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Vol. 2: Transcribed July 12 Facebook Live Video Chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede | N-power 2016 Beneficiaries Payment

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Job Creation, Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede, on July 12, 2017, had live Facebook chat with existing volunteers and the new applicants.

This is volume 2 of the chat.

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2016 Beneficiaries Payment

One thing we must make clear is: This program was designed such that you as beneficiaries will also be in full control of every aspect of this program.

By that I mean your payment will come directly to your bank account, and that was the reason why during application we had asked you for your BVN number and then at the point of pre-selection, we then asked you all to provide your bank account details.

Now at that point when we were going to commence payment in December, we needed to do validation to ensure that we are paying the right person who has applied, remember that technology as much as it’s a big enabler also got its drawbacks which means that if someone steals your identity they could disguise to be you and also start collecting what is meant for you.

Essence of N-powerNG Physical Verification

So that was the essence of having a physical verification immediately after you were preselected and I know that a lot of states started verification in December and that process extended verification round up until about March for a lot of you in a lot of state.

Now the essence of physical verification was to physically verify you just like the word means, you all were to have assembled in your various local government secretariat, with our (N-power) partners in National Orientation Agency and NYSC who worked with us to physically verify you.

You were verified against:

Your age to be sure you were still between the ages of 18–35 as at December 31, 2016.

Your qualification to be sure that you are really a graduate that you said you are.

Your NYSC discharge certificate because again this is an employability enhancement program so everyone of you must be ready to go into the labor market, so hence, NYSC discharge certificate is important, let me note however that those of you who have OND and NCE clearly that, you are exempted from that.

Community: Now the next big thing is you were verified to be sure that you reside in that community this is a program where we deployed you based on your state of residence, your community because it is a program that you are supposed to contribute to the development of your community. So it was important that if I say I live in Gwarinpa in Abuja, that you show an ID card or a student card or something that says that you live in that area.

Employment: And the last but not the least is you were verified against employment, if you are employed because again this is for unemployed graduate, so if you were employed clearly you will be disqualified.

That was the essence of the physical verification, now after the physical verification, if you are successful you are qualified, that’s what we mean by qualified, if you are not successful you are disqualified.

Breakdown of 200,000 successful N-powerNG beneficiaries

So amongst the 200,000 of you that we deployed across state, as at now, as at June just before we reopened the portal, the census shows 180,606 of you are qualified volunteers, meaning you scaled through physical verification, and we then have a total of about 4,822 of you who were disqualified for one reason or the other.

Now 14,464 were absent meaning all through the month from December when we started physical verification till march 12 precisely that we said was going to be the end of verification, and I think some state even still applied for further extension, the point is all through our various verification processes you never showed up so you were either absent on what we call a no show.

So what does that mean, that means therefore that if you were disqualified or you were absent, there is no way you can progress to receiving money and also there is no way you can be deployed.

Npower erroneously deployment

I do know that there were some States that erroneously deployed everyone that was sent to them, regardless of the report from the physical verification that was conducted by NOA and NYSC.

But I’m sure such States are already beginning to regularize, because if you are not qualified by the physical verification process, there is no way we would ask you to be deployed and there is no way we would pay you.

For the volunteer who has asked a question that:

“I have not been deployed and my profile shows not verified”

Clearly if you are not verified you cannot be deployed and if you are not deployed or not verified you cannot expect payment. So what it means therefore is that, right now there have only 180,606 of you that really qualify to go into the payment environment.

Now out of this 180,606 of you, we’ve got what we now call NIBSS verified, so everyone of you that is within this batch, once you are qualified and you have been deployed, will bring you into the payment environment and in bringing you into the payment environment will then send you to NIBSS for NIBSS validation.

NIBSS validation

What do I mean by NIBSS validation, it means that we compare your details you’ve given us on your portal, your first name, your middle name, your last name or your surname, we’ll take your bank account, we’ll take your BVN as you’ve provided us in the portal and bank name and we’ll then compare that with what NIBSS, which is the Nigeria Interbank Settlement Scheme.

NIBBS are the custodian of all the BVNs we have in Nigeria, we’ll compare that record you have given us on the portal to the record they have that is tied to your BVN.

Now where you have a match, you will not have any payment issue, you will be paid and that is been the situation of 130,814 of you out of this 163,500; these beneficiaries have received complete payment, month on month for the singular reason that the details we have on their BVN locator in NIBSS matches the details they provided us on the portal.

Now, it is important I let you know my fellow Nigerians, that this ordinarily should have been a further ground for disqualification, it means that we should really have disqualified another perhaps 33,000 of you for the singular reason that your payment records do not match what we found with NIBSS on the BVN record locator.

But you must be grateful again to the president and vice president who have extended this grace that we work with you, month on month to validate you till you’re able to receive payment, and that’s what we mean when we say you are NIBSS verified.

To be NIBSS verified means, yes you have been qualified through physical verification and then at NIBSS verification your details are matching and then you begin to receive payment.

And like I said, that’s been the case of 130,814 of you, but then for those of you who are not within that category what we began to do was to work with you after we made the December payment in January through your focal persons and obviously through the NPVN portal, where you all submitted your details in giving you the long rope of updating your records, ensuring that you provide us matching records and as a matter of fact we also have a payment history on your portal that is able to let you know your status, in terms of whether you are now valid or the reason why you have not been paid.


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