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Npower 2017: Test Invitation Message will be sent to qualified and unqualified | To enable applicants know their status

Npower Invitation Message for 2017 Online Test | All Applicants-qualified or not-Will Get SMS

After the job initiative programme of Nigerian government, N-power, announced that Online Test for the 2017 Second Batch would begin July 1-July 3 (for Npower TaxVAIDS ), some applicants are worried they’re yet to be notified.

Before the job application portal opened on June 13, 2017, it issued instructions and guidelines for registration for easy and smooth application and screening process.

It advised intending applicants to ensure that the names they registered with tally with how they appear on their Bank Verification Number (BVN ).

Unfortunately, some of the applicants didn’t follow the instructions.

Two Major Reasons Why You Are Yet to Get Npower Invitation SMS for 2017 Online Assessment Test

1) If it hasn’t reached your test date you won’t get SMS.

Npower 2017 has set schedule for the test. Check to be sure when It’s your turn.

Whatever programme you chose: Npower Tax (VAIDS ), Npower Teach, Npower Agro, and  Npower Health you’ll be sent an SMS to proceed to take your test.

Usually, text message is sent a day prior the day of your test.

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2) If your application names differ from what you have in your BVN.

Your registration names have to be arranged exact way they appear in your BVN.

But N-power in Facebook post on July 4 says everyone -qualified or not-would be sent text message regarding their status. 

If you’re yet to apply, you’re strongly advised to get in touch with your bank to either obtain your BVN plate, or ask your banker to write it out for you.

Why Npower 2017 is insisting on BVN Name Arrangements for Application

1) To avoid payment verification error that occurred during the 2016 exercise. Some volunteers are yet to be paid due to BVN error.

2) To reduce the headache encountered during sieving of millions of applications in its database.

Having the right name arrangement will ease process of verification.

3) To avoid dubious applications.

Registration closes July 13,2017.

If you haven’t registered do so on NPOWER OFFICIAL JOB APPLICATION PORTAL

N-power Nigeria is a job programme which aimed to engage 500,000 unemployed Nigeria youths.

In 2016, 200,000 are employed for a period of 2-year.

The 2017 Npower Registration is poised to engage another 300,000 Nigerian youths who are between 18-35 years.

Let’s know if you’re having challenges login to take your test


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