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What is Npower Device Delivery Date (EDD) | Latest News on N-power Gadgets

What is Delivery Date (EDD) in relation to Npower Devices? | Latest News on N-power Gadgets

By NpowerNG Solutions

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First batch of N-power Devices, AfriOne 2-in-1 arrived Abuja Headquarters on July 1,2017.

On July 2,2017, Npower announced officially the Expected Delivery Dates of all 8 Devices that had earlier been selected by volunteers.

The announcement keeps volunteers asking:

What is Npower Devices Expected Delivery Dates?

Expected Delivery Date, EDD for short, in relation to goods and services means the date which the seller is expected to deliver the goods on which order was placed by the buyer.

EDD is also used in relation to pregnancy, when a pregnant woman is expected to give birth, which could be before or some days after the EDD.

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In relation to Npower Devices, EDD is the date contractors of Npower Devices are expected to physically deliver the gadgets they’re commissioned to supply.

When the contracted number of Npower Tablets  were satisfactorily deliver to SIP office in Abuja, then the contractors/manufacturer could be paid.

Expected Delivery Date of Npower Devices doesn’t mean Distribution Date.

“The estimated delivery date is based on the seller’s handling time, the shipping service selected, and when the seller receives cleared payment.”—Ebay

Npower Device EDD illustration

For those who are familiar with online marketplace like AliExpress, most of the time buyers receive their goods before the Expected Delivery Date.

AfriOne (2i-in-1) EDD is July 15, 2017, and the first batch of the devices arrived Abuja yesterday.

This means that the supplier is determined to ensure that he delivers them before the EDD.

Expected Delivery Date is a target date set by supplier agreed upon by the buyer to take  delivery of goods

Npower Device Collection Date

Npower /SIP will have to certify that the gadgets were  delivered as specified in the T&C (between the buyers and the suppliers) before Npower announces Dates of Collection

The gadgets will be dispatched to Collection Centres nationwide when the specified number the manufacturer was commissioned to supply is “okayed” by the SIP/N-POWER. 

Npower Device Collection Centres

During selection time, every device had support centres nationwide.

However, no one, except N-power, can specifically say if the support location centres will also serve as the pick up centres for the devices.