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Npower Nigeria Facebook Complaints Page www.facebook.com/npowerng

Npower Nigeria Facebook Complaints Page www.facebook.com/npowerng

The job initiative programme of the Federal Government of Nigeria tagged N-Power Scheme, which is designed to reduce unemployment among Nigeria youths, is VERY active on the social media in this 2017 Second Phase Recruitment.

Unlike the 2016 First Batch Recruitment Exercise of NpowerNG, whereby the social media channels of the scheme was virtually nowhere to be found, Npower Nigeria 2017 Recruitment is different.

You can now contact N-Power Nigeria on social media (Facebook) for instant results!

You can reach Npower Nigeria on Facebook for whatever complaints you could be having.

Npower Nigeria Facebook Complaints is at npowerng: www.facebook.com/npowerng

How to contact Npower Nigeria o Facebook

  • Login to your facebook account
  • Search for “Npowerng” or simply click on facebook.com/npowerng
  • Like the page and follow the threads or follow NpowerNG Guide Discussions

That’s all

Why you might want to contact NpowerNG on Facebook

  • For 2017 application error
  • For problem login in to your NPVN portal (N-Power Volunteer Network)
  • You can also contact Npower on Facebook for payment problem, this is for 2016 first batch of successful volunteers.
  • For issues related to bribery and corruption in State Npower Coordination . N-power is FREE! You don’t need political influence to be chosen. In a case whereby someone is trying to exploit you, reach the scheme on Facebook.
  • For suggestions on how to improve the programme.
  • To share your testimonies with other volunteers, Nigerians, and the rest of the World about the significance of the job initiative programme.

“I’m happy I’m witnessing a new Nigeria,” Mr. Vincent, one of the volunteers in Akwa Ibom State told NpowerNG Solutions recently

  • To be Npower Reporter in your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) by sharing photos of you and what you’re currently engaged in. For instance, we’ve N-Agro Volunteers, who share agro-pictures of their activities in their farm settlement. You can do the same whether you’re Npower Teach, Npower VAIDS, or Npower Health.

Npower Nigeria is a programme designed by the Federal Government of Nigeria to engage 500,000 Nigerian young graduates who are unemployed.

Npower Nigeria jobs are temporary. It last for two years.

Currently, it is empowering 200,000 Nigerians, who are between the ages of 18 and 35.

Npower Job Scheme is one of the four cardinal areas of Social Investment Programme (SIP)of the ruling party, All Progressive Party.

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  • 10-08-2017
    Dear officer-in-charge,
    FG N-Power Team
    According to the message send to me via SMS dated
    12/06/2017 and 26/06/2017 respectively where you congratulate me for been selected of the 2016 waiting list applicant.And you said i will be messaged via SMS on the next steps.
    sir i hope i have not been forgotten.
    in sincerely admiration
    Adejereoye Olubunmi Omolade (BOADLEY)

  • sir, I applied for n-tax and received a message bro write the text on July 15, which I did but am yet to receive a message concerning the pre-selection.

  • Good afternoon officer in charge. I received a call from an npower representative. But the message was not comprehended owing to poor network. I tried to call back but no to avail, then I sent a text but no response from npower representative. I applied for ntax .

  • Pls the device I was given, always give me network error,since then am unable to mark my attendance anytime am in cell to attend to my famers. Pls help

    • Good morning officer in charge, my device always give me network error when am in my cell with my famers and also MTN did not put data on my device. What can I do?

      • Pls officer in charge, am always at my PPA and I on all necessary thing to on in other to all my GPS to allow me to mark my attendance but I couldn’t. Pls help

  • Good morning officer in in charge, have being send my complain now than three times but no response you from you. I said have collected my device but it giving me network eŕror all the time, when am in the farm with my famers it will search for network throughout the day it will not see it. What can I do.

  • Sir, my attendance has not being taking due to error network in my location, when am in my block cell my tab doesn’t see network.

  • Good day Sir.since the inception of Npower, having collected my posting letter.I have not received any payment till date. How can it be resolved.thanks

  • I misplaced my reference number, though i have not been sent any message. I just want to know if d reference number will hinder my physical assessment and also to know what to do to retrieve it.

  • Good morning Sir/Ma, pls since when have collected my device I don’t have access to watch all the video’s on it. MTN forget to put memory card on galaxy Samsung tab E and I when to their office @ lagere in ile-ife they said their is nothing they can’t do to it again. Pls what I do?

  • I Lawal suleiman an npower velanteer tax hav receive a notification sence august 22,2017 that i will be especting a call that a test will be communicated to me but yet no call have been made i even log to check whether i was pre selected yet is no matching through my bvn 22201230187,now what can do?

    • Hello Lawal, please listen to one of the Facebook Live Chat with Mr Afolabi. he has addressed this issue. You’ll been screened alongside the current 300,000 applicants that have been pre-selected. Please stay tuned!

  • Good morning, My name is Mrs. Agatha Ebojoh, an NPOWER volunteer.
    I am writing to complain about my Speedstar device.
    I have not yet received my device. I heard that those who have not been given are those who have not been going to their place of assignment
    I do not know how that should concern me.
    I am in N-Community , in Agbarho, Delta State and I am always regular at my place of assignment so I do not know why I should be affected.
    Please I would be very happy to have this issue rectified.
    I look forward to hearing from you.


    • Hello Agatha, Did you delete device pick SMS sent to you? If no, then you might fall under second batch . And if you think something is wrong which you need clarification about please send complaint to NPOWER. NPOWER is available on more five social media channels if you’d prefer that.

      • My name Ohwoforere Eguono. I am an Npower volunteer,i was shortlisted December 2016.My complaint is I have not received stipend from December 2016 to April 2016.but from May to date I have received stipend. Pls I need help.and in addition,i have nog yet received sms for my device collection

  • Please i am Mrs Anyanwu adaeze Jessica an npower beneficiary nteach under Ifo LGA ogun state. Sir, I am complaining on the fact i have been working since January 2017 with out being paid,i have sent series of messages to npvn help desk and I have done all that was required of me and I am yet to receive any stipend, infact i was instructed by npower to be at ijebu-ode on the 5th of October 2017 for device collection still it was not released to me. I am tired of complaining and I don’t know what else to do,please i need a response.