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How to sell your H2i E-wallet dollars to a registered member

Have you earned enough dollars in bonus in your H2i E-wallet?

Do you want to convert dollars in your Helping Hands International e-wallet account to a local currency, as in right in your local bank account?

$1=#165 in H2i exchange rate.
If you’re selling $360, then #59,400 should be deposited into your local bank account.

It has gone simplier! I’m going to guide you on how to transfer, better still sell, your dollars from your H2i E-wallet to a fellow member.

A fellow H2i member will need to fund his account if: he wants to register new member and he doesn’t have enough dollars in his account.

This is how to sell or fund another person’s H2i E-wallet account

-know the receiver’s H2i Usermame (e.g Grousteam ) or his User ID (e.g 328060096585)
-ensure you have the exact or above amount you want to transfer or sell.

1) Login to your Helping Hands International dashboard
2) From the menu bar, click on E-wallet. That’s on number 4 option.
i) transaction history
ii) previous transaction history
iii) E-wallet balance
iv) E-wallet fund transfertransfer

3) Wait for the page to load.
4) Fill the recipient User ID, amount to transfer.

If the receivers username or user ID is correct, H2i system will automatically bring up the receiver’s full name.

5) Click on transfer and confirm it if you see any pop up.

That’s all.
Ask your recipient to confirm it in his H2i Ewallet account so that he could pay the equivalent of the dollars you transferred.

If you’re not registered, don’t hesitate to join the winning team right away.

Ask me how to join:
Call/WhatsApp: +2348065277758