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How to apply on portal.npower.gov.ng for N-power June 13 2017 second phase recruitment | Apply if there’s no second batch list

  • How to register and apply for 2017 N-power job for graduates
  • Security tips for applicants
  • Can I reapply if there’s no list of second batch?
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  • how to apply for 2017 npower programme nigeria

How to register and apply on portal.npower.gov.ng for N-power 2017 second phase recruitment

All is now set for the 2017 Npower Online Job recruitment exercise. Today, N-power updated its job application portal to say the second phase will comence on June 13, 2017.

So, how does an interested Nigerian youth apply?

Step by step Guide on Npower Application process

Enter the official job application portal of N-power at http://portal.npower.gov.ng into any browser of your choice.

Scroll down ,if you’re using a pad, you’ll see the following sections :

A. The Enablers, which include N-Power Agro, N-Power Health, N-power Teach, and N-power Community Education (n-power community education doesn’t exist any more, if you chose it,you’d find yourself under N-Teach

B. The Innovators, which include N-power Creative, N-power Tech Hardware, N-power Tech Software

C. The Builders, which focuses on building services, construction, environmental services, utilities, automative, aluminium and gas.
Enablers is for graduates

Click on MORE under The Enablers. This will display the four programmes under the enablers.npower application process

Click on one you have interest in and for which you’re qualified

There are overview and other details for the programme you clicked on in step 3 above. Please read the details of the programme

scroll down a bit, well that depends on the screen size of the device you’re using, click on APPLY NOW.n-power nigeria

Enter your E-mail, Username and preferred password to REGISTER. A mail will be sent to your registered e-mail.

Login to your email, click on n-power registration link/confirmation link sent to you to begin your application.

Fill the form, your name, degree, upload certificates, and other required documents
Please go through the form again to make sure that what you filled is what you have in your certificates.


Click on SUBMIT. Npower acknowledgement e-mail will be sent to you within 48 hours.
That’s all!

There will be online aptitude test, which will be communicated to you at a later day. Ensure to check your inbox frequently in case of update.

Before you apply, What security precautions do you exactly need to put in place?

1) Know the official application portal of N-Power
Before the submission of applications commenced in 2016, Federal Government made public the portal through which interested Nigerian youths could submit their applications.

portal.npower.gov.ng: This is the sub-domain of npower programme, where names of the successful applicants were published. It’s also where applicants checked their names using their registered phone numbers or e-mails.

2) Don’t give out your details to those you don’t know

Yea, this is one of the most important security precautions you could take. Last year, one of our followers also a volunteer in the programme told us how her details were changed by an unknown person.

She told us that a cafe guy handled the registration A-Z for her. The cafe guy was our suspect.

If you must hand over your details to cafe person, stay there. Not only to correct the mistakes that might arise along the way, but to make sure he/she doesn’t automatically store your e-mail password to a public computer.

3) Allow cookies on your computer
If you are using a cafe, those guys already allowed it. Cookies are important before having access to some features of some job portals or websites.

If you dissallowed cookies, you might find it difficult to have complete access to the features of the website.

4) Clear your browser’s cache
Cache is a junk on your browser, clear it to allow the page you’re visiting to have access to connectivity.

Even if you’re going to use your pad, ensure to first clear the cache on your entire device or on the specific browser you’re using.

You can also clear the history.

The two, particularly cache, if not cleared are like writing on an already filled up chalkboard.

This is also applicable when you have strong Internet connectivity on your device, yet you can’t browse, or your browsing session is slow, clear the cache and history to enjoy faster session.

5) Know the best browsing session in your area.
If you’re using a personal device, you should know the time when connectivity is better. In my area, it’s overnight.

It differs. It could be during the day, all every time in your area.

Browsing session has proven to be faster overnight,especially when you could browse fairly during the day.

Know the best time so that Internet connectivity doesn’t frustrate your efforts.

Last year, more than a thousand of interested applicants were detrerred by the poor Internet connection in their area.

7) Know the required file size to upload
Above all, read the instructions before applying: the required file size to upload etc are important to your successful application.

If the required file size is (put at) not more that 200kg and you uploaded 210kg, you could submit, but your application might be junked.Rejected!

Can I reapply if there’s no second batch list?

1. Nothing has been said about the second batch, rather Presidential aid on Job creation Mr. Afolabi said names of successful candidates for the N-Build and N-Tech would be released on July 20, 2017.

He assured the non-graduates applicants that their records are in intact with N-Power, as such they should be calm.

By this, you should reapply if you applied for the graduate programme of the scheme, you wrote the test, yet you didn’t make the first batch, and the second batch isn’t forthcoming, then you should be warming up to reapply when npower.gov.ng start accepting fresh applications by June 13.

2. Labour and Employment Minister Dr. Chris Ngige recent speech on npower was silent about second batch list, he instead said the portal would re-open for SECOND PHASE.

And you want to know the difference between…

“Second batch is a number succeeding an earlier quantity released” while Second phase is a way of reopening an earlier project which already proven to be a success.

Note that Ngige talked about second phase not second batch, so get set to benefit from the FG’s laudable project.

3. Acting President Osinbajo’s office is the manager of Social Investment Programme. He said on May 29 that the portal would re-open June 13, to take another batch of 300,000 through applications.

This means the 300,000 would be taken from another millions of applications that would be submitted via the npower portal just it’s in 2016.

So if you didn’t make the first batch, don’t hesitate to reapply by June 13, if by June 12 nothing is said about second batch.

4. If by June 13, 2017 you entered your details into npower portal but you’re told you already registered, it means you cant reapply.

But if the portal can’t recognize your details, it means you can go ahead to reapply.

5. When the FG did the analysis termed “Selection Breakdown and Criteria for the 200, 000 successful candidates” government said “the first phase was done in a fair manner”.

By our definition of second phase, then there could no second batch rather SECOND PHASE.

6. Prof. Osinbajo said on May Day Democracy celebration that the SIP isn’t a privilege but right of every qualified Nigerians.


Top five Browsers for filling N-Power Online Application Form

Disclaimer : The list of browsers below is recommended based on our user experience. It’s not binding on anyone to compulsorily use any of them.

It’s also worthy of note that filling N-power form on a desktop or laptop is the best. We’re recommending the following Android browsing apps in case you don’t have access to laptop, or you want to fill any form at your convenience.

Pick your browser based on your previous user experience.

There are more than 100 browsers ready for download on Google Play Store or other Apps stores, but some of them do better than the other when it comes to filling an online application form.

We’ve tried some android browsing apps to fill online application form, while some of them were great, some of them only showed blank page.

Online application forms are usually loaded with column cum code, so they require intuitive browers.

Of all the browers, we hand pick just six of them, which are great for filling online application form right on your android devices :

1. Google Chrome: Google is always evolving when it comes to technology and update. Before now, Internet Explorer was what I used to know. But Google emerged with its own browser and it continues to go stronger.

If you want a browser on your andorid that will give you the same user experience as you would on your desktop or laptop, Google Chrome is one of the best.

And it’s our number 1 choice for filling any type of online application form.

2. Mozilla Firefox : Our next pick for filling N-Power online application or any other online application on your andorid phone is Mozilla.

Mozilla for Android is designed to effectively carry out what can be done on desktop. As at the time of puting this together, this app is 32.91MB. The developer of this app is always updating it, particularly to fix bugs.

We have reasons for picking this as our #2: it’s suitable for filling online application form.

3. Web Explorer: Despite the fact that this app is light, less than 5MB, it enables you fill online application form with ease. Try use this app for Npower and NIS online job application forms.

4. Safari: Our #4 is safari, fast loading and light. But you will have to battle with lots of ads popping up every second. Don’t worry, that doesn’t disturb you from filling any online application form of your choice.

5. UC Browser: If you want a browsing app that’ll give you the freedom to block ad, and save your data, then go for UC browser.

This browser enables you to fill online forms with great user experience.

6. Our last pick is Browser that usually comes with every Android phone. It can be used to fill npower online application form.

Other browsers you can pick and use to fill online job applications but which we’ve not tried out are: maxthon, net cape, etc.

Note that not all opera version can be used for online application form.

Tell us which one you’ve tried before thatworked for you.


1. The processes for applying for and / or being selected for the N-power programme are open and transparent.

2. The selection criteria will be published and made public. The criteria will seek to identify the applicants that will be best suited to the objectives of the programme in a fair. reasonable and consistent manner.

3. Any claim by any individual and / or group suggesting any influence of a political, religious or similar nature will be a factor in the N-power programme is false and should be rejected.

4. There is no truth in any claim that suggests there are set allocations or quota under the N-power programme for any political group or party.

5. Exchange of money and/or services for placement in the N-power programme is prohibited. Any individual and / or group making any financial request or similar demands from any applicant do so fraudulently and must be reported to the appropriate authorities.

6. Registration and selection for the N-power programme is absolutely free.

7. It is your duty to be vigilant and beware of fraudsters who intend to take advantage of gullible or uninformed citizens.

The Federal Government has NOT and will NOT place additional burden on citizens who wish to be employed.

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