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N-POWER UNPAID VOLUNTEERS | Called by official, but yet to get stipend

Npower official called me, but I’m yet to be paid

There are several reasons why you might be called by any of the newest Npower official phone number dedicated to solve issues related to unpaid stipend.

Media aid to Acting President Yemi Osinbajo was clear about Npower payment :n “every successful volunteer will be paid,” Mr. Laolu Akande said.

Few days he made the assurance, 5 SPECIAL NUMBERS were launched to to resolve issues related to:

1. Unmatched BVN
2. Unmatched names

Those who had the above issues were called to sort out their issues, subsequent upon which their payments were to be effected.

But some volunteers are still expetant of their unpaid stipends which fall under BACKLOG

NpowerNG Solutions takes a look at your case

Read this if you’ve been called, but yet to be paid:
1. Your issue is being attended to
2. When your issue is fully resolved you’ll be paid.

3. Your payment might not be immediate, but you’ll be paid.
4. If npower has sufficiently ascetained and verified your details, then you should be expecting your payment

5. Be informed that your case is special, so when the little errors or slight makes in your details have been corrected your names falls under BACKLOG. The fact your name falls under backlog is an assurance that you’ll be paid all your outstanding stipends begining from the month you’re verified in your state.

However, note that if your BVN details are totally and completely different from your NPVN details, or you’re deteced to have been above 35 years at the time of application, then your data might be expunged from Npower database. That’s a disqualification, SIMPLE.

Please ask your questions, let’s sort it out.


Source:NpowerNG Solutions

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