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Gmail: How to permanently divert unsolicited emails to spam folder | Email without unsubcription option

Normally, there should be an option to unsubscribe from emails you get from corporate bodies, or individuals, or from to UNSUBCRIBE from email

Option to unsubcribe from such e-mails is always located at the bottom of any e-mail you receive.

But there could be e-mails that do not really make option to unsubscribe available. In that case, you won’t have option than to keep receiving them.

But when that happens you can permanently junk or divert such e-mails to your GMAIL SPAM FOLDER

1. Open your gmail app

2. Open your inbox, click on one of the e-mails you want to unsubscribe fromhow to UNSUBCRIBE from email

3. Click on the option by the top right hand side of the mail. It’ll show you the following options :
Reply All
Add Star

4. Click on BLOCK, if it doesn’t have UNSUBCRIBE OPTION and if you don’t want to be receiving such email in your inbox again.

Any subsequent e-mail from blocked e-mail address will find its way to your spam folder and not your inbox.
That’s all.