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N-Power Payment Error | What is Unmatched Name? | What Constitutes Unmatched BVN? | How to Correct Error in NPVN Portal

N-Power Payment Error | What is unmatched name | What constitute unmatched BVN | How to correct error in NPVN Portal

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Some of the problems some of the unpaid volunteers are facing today are :Unmatched name, Unmatched BVNBVN

There will always be one reason or the other while your monthly stipend is still being held.

So, what’s Unmatched name?

N-Power unmatched name is a situation whereby the name you fill in your NPVN PORTAL doesnt correlate with the name you have in your bank details.

In a situation like this, you will see unmatched name in your payment history, you won’t be paid.

You have to prove to Npower Team that you’re the true owner of the bank account, and that you’re a real applicant.

This measure and scrutiny is meant to reduce to 0% the issue of ghost npower workers, which was rampant in the government of yesterday.

Example of unmatched name

NPVN Details: Azeez Kola

Bank details: Abdulazeez Adekola

The above name is absolutely unmatched in the eye of N-Power, despite the fact that the mean the same thing, ordinarily.

How to correct issue of unmatched name?

If edit button can’t be restored in your portal for you to effect the correction , then approach your bank.

If your bank is requesting for evidence, you can easily get Affidavit of birth from High Court around. Make sure you use the name you want.

That’s all.

What is Unmatched BVN and its implications

Unmatched BVN is a situation whereby your Bank Verification Number doesn’t not correlate with the BVN you have in your npower portal.

One of the essence of BVN in npower is to adequately check the true ownership of a bank account and Npower beneficiary.

In a situation whereby your BVN is wrong from what you have in your portal, then problem arises, and you will not be paid until you make the necessary correction.

What constitutes unmatched BVN
1. A situation whereby you made typo error, then you won’t be paid e.g
Bank account: 456780301674
NPVN Portal: 456780201674
2. Using third party’s account BVN

Or when you submitted someone else’s BVN, then you are spotted by NPOWER verification team.

3. Entering non existing BVN as a result of security fear

In a situation whereby you intentionally entered wrong BVN during application process, thinking that your BVN wasn’t save with Npower.

How to solve problem of UNMATCHED NAMES, UNMATCHED BVN

If you have a situation like this, take the following action :

Send your correct BVN to npower e-mail (support@npvn.desk-mail.com) and phone number (08145569572) as thus:
Phone number
Correct BVN
Bank/Account No

That’s all!

Don’t send more than twice, if it’s delivered. Itll be attended to, it may however not be immediate.

Whether Npower acknowledged the receipt of your complaint or not, you need not worry in as much it’s delivered.

What other problem are you having? Drop your question.

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  • They shortlisted me wit uncompleted name is Seidu Najeem while my full name is Seidu Najeem Bolorunduro and I ave not been paid. Bank Name, UBA.acct.number,2070959053,bvn 22233266277.SULEJA local govt in Niger state .the second complainant was shortlisted wit Ahmed Ake Kudirat Kudirat instead if Ahmed Ake Kudirat, bank name Access Bank, acctn number 0028956712,both are from N agro in SULEJA in Niger state,without any allowance after series of verification.

  • Title name correction, patience sylvester wadeh have not been paid since jenuary till date, my Npower register name is patience sylvester wadeh, progamme N Tech, LGA NASsARAWA eggon, my account name in patience sylvester wadeh, bank name Diamond
    bank, phone number 08065442742. Bvn name PATIENCE SYLVESTER WADEH.

    • Npower is making efforts that everyone is paid.

      You’ll be called by any of the following npower official numbers