Homily for May 20: This World is not Our Own; We are Just Passing Through

Credit: tripadvisors
Credit: tripadvisors

Homily for May 20, 2017

The whole essence of being in Christ is the realization and understanding that the world in which we live in is not our final destination. Not only are we passing pilgrims, Jesus tells us that we cannot escape being hated by the world since it also hated him.

Apart from the fact that you cannot be a friend of Christ and friend of the world at the same time, the world wrestles with you. It wants to take off your focus from Christ by all means and it tries to make your very life tough when you do not follow its dictates.

The world loves its own, the world takes good care of those who hate Christ, such persons become celebrities overnight, we hear of their fame, we listen to their music, we see them every day on TV but for us who are not of the world, we are not so lucky.

At times, we even interpret the harsh treatment meted on us by the world as signs that God is not taking care of us or that God is not answering our prayers. We must learn to distinguish between suffering from lack and suffering as a form of persecution by the world.

As children of God, we must never engage in any form of competition with the people of the world. We must learn to live and walk according to the Spirit and not according to the flesh as Paul and Barnabas proclaimed the Gospel following the impulses of the Holy Spirit.

Let us pray: Lord Jesus, may I never be distracted by the world or by its hatred. Amen.

*Be Happy. Live Positive. Have Faith. It is well with you. God bless you. (Saturday of the 5th Week of Easter. Bible Study: Acts 16:1-10 and John 15:18-21).*

Fr. Abu.