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#NpowerNG: What is Backlog Payment? 

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What is NpowerNG Backlog Payment?

Let’s break the term down for a layman to understand. Backlog means to clear an issue which is on ground.

In relation to finance, backlog payment means the process of paying outstanding salary of workers.

For instance, if 100,000 workers are in your payroll, and you were able to pay 80,000, that means it remains 20,000 people to be paid.

Before paying the following month, you might opt to first clear the unpaid ones in the previous month. The 20,000 constitute backlog.

In the case of npower monthly stipend, some volunteers hadn’t got any salary, while some of them got one or two months out of the five months paid so far.

It’d be recalled that the federal government promised that outstanding salaries would be paid. The outstanding ones constitute the backlog payment, and they’re currently being paid.

However, there were some cases whereby volunteers had errors in their npvn portal due to omission , unmatched records, errors in bvn, marital status, such volunteers were directed to make the necessary correction and send complaint e-mail to npower dedicated support channels.

As such,  they also constitute backlog, and they’re being paid as well.

If you’re yet to be paid and you’ve made the necessary correction, it’ll get to you.

One of the beneficiaries in Delta who was not paid December salary told us she got her stipend alert this morning May 15,2017.

Npower volunteers enjoy advance payment of May salary

A text sent to one of the volunteers in Delta State, and other states shows that some beneficiaries are enjoying advance payment of May stipend.

“Dear Volunteer,

Recall that in the month of February you experienced a delay in the payment of your monthly stipends. Now you have benefitted from advanced payment of stipends for the month of May.

“If you have any enquiries, please send a TEXT to 08145569572.


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    • I can’t say anything about your December because it’s stated that you’d be paid from the month you’re verified.

      For January upwards you’ll get your stipends

  • I went for my physical verification at my state NOA on 17th February after the first one I did in December Was not done well by the Corp member I found out that the corper left my verification and didn’t attend to it thereby making it look like I was absent as well not verified. Anambra should be considered for another verification please.

  • Please I’ve not been paid at all, on my payment history is invalid and remark is name unmatched, I’ve been sending mails, text messages, visiting NOA yet nothing has been done and because of this I would please like to make some corrections due to none payment of stipends and name unmatched I would like to make some corrections on my profile. They are:
    (1). My npower name is Nnadi Chinenye and i want it to be changed to NNADI NORACYNTHIA
    (2) my D.O.B please change it to
    D.O.B. 10/08/1987
    phone number: 08037901654
    And my bank account please change it to
    Bank: Access bank
    Account number: 0701585279
    Account name: Nnadi Noracynthia
    thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

    ACCOUNT NO. ;0047646642
    PHONE NO. :08067105109